How to decorate your walls with photographs

One of my most favourite things in the world is to use my photographs creatively to decorate the walls of my home. I love to use my most treasured images to create interesting and unusual collages and displays, adding finishing touches to my décor and room schemes and I would really like to encourage you to have a go at doing this too. It’s also a really inexpensive way to liven up your walls, which can be personal and unique to you and your family.

The way we decorate our homes should be an extension of our personality and the more we embrace this idea the more effective our interior design will be. Using your own photographs, personal portraits or favourite landscapes and turning them into wonderful wall art, is exactly how to create a home that’s perfect for you.

Wall art[2]Image: Martha Stewart

Display Tips and Ideas

There are lots of ways to use your photographs to create interesting wall art. To begin with, you can simply frame your favourite images and hang them in a display on an empty wall. This technique is great and will suit lots of décor styles, but why not be a little more creative when organising your display.

Creative Photograph Displays

We take so many photos these days on our phones and cameras but don’t always take the time to get them printed. Many we never look at again. Why not get your photos printed and create arty, innovative displays in old, empty photo frames likes these?


Image: Etsy

Picture Shelf

Why not use a Picture Shelf like the one below?  Begin by framing your photos in different sized frames, and then line them up in an ad-hoc style across the shelf for an eclectic look. The range of frame sizes stops the display from looking too ordered and provides a more natural look – even if you’ve spent hours arranging them in a certain way. This idea is a perfect way to use the PhotoBox Timeless Framed Print, particularly if you want to achieve a modern, contemporary look. The flat, sleek look of the Aluminium Mounted Print would also be incredible in this setting too.


Image: House to Home

Top Tip: Create a point of uniformity in any wall art display. In the example above, all the images are black and white helping the creation to hang together. You can also use the same colour frames, or mounts – using one or two colours within the display will create the theme.

Wall Collages

Creating your very own wall collage has become very popular in recent years and there are many ways you can achieve this. Some people like to follow layout rules and guidelines, however I’m a little more reckless and like to build the display from just one picture. As I said in the tip above, it’s great to have a ‘theme’ that helps the collage feel cohesive, which in turn, gives it more impact.

Be as creative as you can and don’t let rigid rules stifle your ideas. To create displays like these below, all you need is just one photograph, maybe a favourite image of the children printed up onto a canvas, from which you can start to create your collage.

Wall collage[1]

Images: Apartment Therapy // Houzz // Houzz // Houzz

In an eclectic collage like these, one of PhotoBox’s Ornate Framed Canvases would be ideal to create something really special.  Add lots of different accessories to compliment the canvas, let your imagination run wild and then your display will grow as you collect more items and images over time.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of frames in the same display.

Hallway Wall Collages

Hallways are the ideal space for hanging a collage of your favourite photos, and as the foot traffic is pretty constant they get great views too. There are lots of ways you can approach a display for this space but something relatively uniform often works best. The example below draws your eye along the hallway because of the way the frames have been hung in ‘rows’.


Image: Martha Stewart

Top Tip: Lay out your collage design on the floor before you start hanging pictures on the wall, to get a good idea of how it will all work together. Take a photo of your plan that you can refer to as you begin to hang on the wall.

Ready Made Collage Displays

If space is limited but you would still like to use a collection of your favourite photographs, then why not try a ready-made collage. This is a great way to experiment with wall displays if you want to build up confidence before doing something bigger too. There are various canvas styles available that are ideal for this approach. The Split Canvas print allows you to create a fabulous display using just one favourite photograph, whilst the Collage Poster Prints or the Collage Canvas are a great way to utilise lots of photos on just one canvas. With their choice of coloured edgings, they’re a great way to incorporate a theme into your display too. I’m starting to build a new display on my landing wall currently and will use my collage canvases as the starting point.

collage canvas collage[4]

So I do hope you feel inspired! Using your everyday photos is one of the best ways to cover your walls and will give you such joy and pride every time you walk past them. Just use your imagination to create something personal to you and you won’t be disappointed. Do you have any wall art displays at home that you’re particularly proud of? We would love to hear about them if you do.


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