How to hang a canvas: your step-by-step guide

By Photobox on 9 May 2017

How to hang a canvas

So how should you do it?

You could grab a nail and hammer it in. But we have a better idea. Simply follow our steps on the best way to hang a canvas and get the job expertly done. In less than five minutes.

What you’ll need

Our hanging kit comes free with our thicker, Classic Canvas. And you can add it to our thinner, Lite Canvas for £1.99.

Hanging kit includes:

  • 1 x sawtooth bracket
  • 2 x screws
  • 1 x hook
  • 1 x nail
  • 2 x sticky pads (to protect your wall

You’ll also need a Phillips-head screwdriver. And a spirit level if you have one.

How to hang your canvas

Step 1: Mark the wall

In pencil, mark where you want to place your canvas on the wall. Remember that the top of your canvas will sit slightly above your pencil mark.

pencil marking a blue wall to hang a canvas

Step 2: Hammer the wall hook into the marked spot

Carefully nail the hook into where you’ve marked the wall with pencil. Hammering the nail at a slight angle will ensure the wall takes most of the weight.

hammering a nail into a marked wall to hang a canvas

Step 3: Attach your bracket to the back of the canvas

Place it on the back of your canvas. Either at the top or on the sides – that bit’s up to you. Using your screwdriver, screw the bracket into place.

a hand screwing a bracket onto the back of a canvas

Step 4: Hang your canvas

Step back. Is it straight? Make any adjustments. And check it with a spirit level if you’ve one to hand.

Some questions you’ve asked us…

Can you frame a canvas?

No – they’re designed to look great as they are. But if you’re interested, our popular range of personalised Framed Canvases comes set in their own satin-finish wooden frame.

Can you hang a canvas without a hanging kit?
Yes. You can hammer a nail straight into the wall and put your canvas up. Though, it’s much more secure and less likely to need regular repositioning with a hanging kit.

Can you hang a canvas in the bathroom?
It’s not a great idea to hang your canvas anywhere that’s humid (places like your bathrooms or the kitchen) or where it’ll get a lot of direct sunlight. Otherwise, they won’t last as well.

To keep your canvas prints looking fantastic, just wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. For those of you who don’t want the hassle of a hanging kit, we also offer a smaller, 20 x 20 cm personalised Desk Canvas Print.

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