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Photo Blocks

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    • A unique and versatile gift
    • Sturdy and high-quality
    • Create in just a few clicks

    Why choose a photo block?

    It's the perfect personalised gift to decorate a home. You can put a wooden or acrylic photo block on display anywhere you like.


    Wooden or acrylic – two different styles

    Opt for a wooden block for a classic look, or showcase your best photos with the depth and crystal clear effect of acrylic.


    Display it anywhere

    No need for hanging or frames – our photo blocks are stable and will sit nicely where you want them to. Pop them on a shelf, a desk, or even in the kitchen to add a unique touch to your decor.


    A long-lasting gift

    Photo blocks are super sturdy, and made from long-lasting quality materials so you can preserve your memories in any area of the home.


    Photo block delivery times

    Expect your photo block in 5 working days.

    Our shipping estimates include the time we take to carefully print and create your products before delivery.

    All shipping costs and delivery times

    Photo blocks

    Photo blocks are a creative way to turn your most iconic memories into fun (and stylish) keepsakes. Perfect for matching with any home decor, custom photo blocks make your favourite snaps stand out. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space by adding personal touch to your interiors, or searching for an *extra* thoughtful personalised gift, photo block printing is the perfect way to create something truly unique. Our photo blocks are freestanding and easy to move around, so there's no need for a hammer and nails – winner. It also makes them ideal for renters or those who like to refresh their home decor often.

    Types of photo blocks

    Our photo blocks come in a range of sizes and materials, each offering a different look and feel. So which Photobox block format is best for you?

    Wooden photo blocks

    Wooden picture blocks are great for bringing a warm and rustic charm to any room. Crafted with high-quality materials, our photo blocks of wood are made to last. Our custom photo wood blocks are available in square or rectangle format, with portrait or landscape orientation. Choose from black or white coloured edges to make your chosen photo pop.

    Wooden photo block sizes:

    • 15x10cm: Perfect for displaying on a desk or shelf. Why not pick a relaxing beach scene, a snap of the kids or your family pet to keep you stress-free as you work?
    • 12x12cm: Stack these photo prints on wood blocks either side of plants and candles for a Pinterest-worthy setup.
    • 17x12cm: Transform your best moments into shelfie-ready displays by using our wooden picture blocks as bold bookends.
    • 20x15cm: Our biggest size of wooden photo blocks are great for making a statement on a mantlepiece or side table. Add your favourite family portrait or a scenic landscape and enjoy every day.

    Acrylic photo blocks

    Personalised acrylic photo blocks are great if you’re looking for a more minimal and modern design. Your chosen photo will be printed and encased in 2 cm thick clear acrylic, which gives a sophisticated, glass-like finish.

    Personalised acrylic photo block sizes:

    • 10x15cm: An acrylic glass photo block that’s a great size for adding a minimalist touch to your bedside table or office desk. Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise photo in your bedroom or having a family portrait brighten up your workday.
    • 20x15cm: A large acrylic photo block looks right at home on a bookshelf or living room table, making your biggest (and smallest) memories stand out for every visitor to see.

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    Tips and ideas to turn photo blocks in gifts

    Weddings, birthdays, new arrivals – you name it, a personalised photo block is a great gift for any occasion. No matter who you’re buying for, photo block gifts are a unique and personal way to celebrate the *extra* special moments. From wooden photo blocks to clear acrylic photo blocks, we’ve got something to suit every interior style.

    Picture blocks gift ideas:

    • For parents: Surprise the ones you call Mum and Dad with a picture block gift that showcases a recent family gathering or a cute and nostalgic photo from your childhood.
    • For your partner: Mark your special moments with a custom acrylic photo block featuring a romantic holiday snap or a photo block of wood with candid shot from your wedding day.
    • For grandparents: Create photo block gifts for grandparents using the *cutest* (and funniest) pictures of the grandkids, so they can cherish them forever.
    • For friends: Gift your best friend an acrylic photo block with a fun snapshot from a memorable outing or a photo block of wood that shows-off that snap of you as kids.
    • For colleagues: Show appreciation to a work mate with picture blocks that feature a big team photo or laugh-out-loud moment from your last work’s night out.
    • For new parents: Welcome the bundle of joy with a personalised photo block of baby looking *extra* cute. Photo gifts on wood and acrylic block photo prints make the best kind of keepsakes.
    • For pet lovers: Know someone who is utterly obsessed with their pet? Make them a custom photo block with a paw-trait of furry friend on and wait for the ‘aww’ to arrive.

    How to create a photo block

    You can create a photo block in a few simple steps:

    1. Choose your material: Will you go for a minimal and modern acrylic photo block, or natural and rustic wooden photo blocks? If you opt for a photo block of wood, choose from black or white colour for your edges.
    2. Pick your size: Decide what size Photobox block you’d like.
    3. Choose the orientation: Landscape or portrait?
    4. Select your photo: Choose that one *iconic* snap you want to show-off in your personalised photo block.
    5. Checkout: Once you’re happy with your creation, place your order and we’ll handle the rest.

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    To provide you with the best experience possible, we’ve made important updates to our creation tools and some changes to our product selection. So whatever photo product you want to create, you’ll find more intuitive creative tools to support you.

    As of July 2nd, bonusprint joined forces with Photobox. Therefore the bonusprint website will now redirect you to the Photobox website where you will find the same creation experience and product quality. Just all under a new name. These changes allow us to provide you a better experience with a growing product range.

    As of July 2nd, bonusprint joined forces with Photobox. Therefore the bonusprint website will now redirect you to the Photobox website where you will find the same creation experience and product quality. Just all under a new name. These changes allow us to provide you a better experience with a growing product range.