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Personalised gifts

Turn your best moments into personalised photo gifts, perfect for surprising your best mate, partner, or any loved one.


Unique gifts for every occasion

Mark every milestone, from birthdays to weddings and graduations, with a special personalised gift.


Premium quality

We use durable printing methods and high-quality materials to make sure your gifts last.


Create in just a few clicks

The perfect gift is just minutes away with our easy-to-use Instant Editor.

Choose your photo gift

Discover our photo gifts

Create heartfelt and high-quality gifts in just a few easy steps.


For every occasion

Birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas – you name it, we've got the perfect personalised gift for all the special occasions.


Premium quality

Our gifts are made to last. Every detail counts – from machine-washable cushions, dishwasher and microwave-safe mugs, quality Ravensburger®️ cardboard puzzles, and durable magnets.


Create in just a few clicks

Making a personalised gift has never been so quick and easy. With our Instant Editor's smart layouts and intuitive design, it's now faster and simpler than ever to create something special.

Why people love Photobox

4.8 based on 1710 reviews


Good quality and fast delivery :)


My gorgeous family are always there smiling back at me every time I head for the fridge. It’s quite joyous. I have an ever growing wall that shows them all over the years, my fridge isn’t big enough!

Kate Clynes

These fridge magnets make a great gift. The photos are very sharp and good quality.


I foster dogs and every ninth dog I order a set of nine fridge magnets with their photos on them….I’ve now had four sets and they are perfect every time and delivered promptly… Highly recommend Photobox!


Easy to use, guides you all the way. Tells you if your chosen pic is suitable.


Beautiful magnets that look good on any fridge.


Personalised gifts

Want to surprise your loved ones with something truly unique? Discover our range of personalised photo gifts. Get inspired with our high-quality picture gifts perfect for any occasion – from birthdays to bar mitzvahs. Our user-friendly editor will help you create lasting personalised gifts that capture your favourite moments in just a few clicks.

Photo gifts ideas

Searching for unique photo gifts that are affordable and easy to create? Look no further. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, we've got the ideal gift for you. Browse our extensive range and discover wonderful picture gift ideas, from tried and trusted to innovative photo gifts:


Start the day right with a personalised photo mug. Choose between classic white or mugs with a colourful interior to match any mood or event theme. Mugs make affordable, useful, and original photo gifts for any occasion – perfect for Father’s Day or a thoughtful thank you for a favourite teacher.

Jigsaw puzzles:

Personalised puzzles are a great way to celebrate cherished memories while spending quality time with loved ones. Our high-quality jigsaws are ideal for Mother’s Day photo gifts, perfect when printed with a treasured snapshot or a heartfelt message. Watch your favourite memories come to life, piece by piece.


Photo cushions are the cosiest, cuddliest and most comforting of photo gifts. Perfect as a romantic gift to remind your loved one of a special moment or to add a personal touch to your home. Our picture cushions also make lovely personal photo gifts to surprise grandparents at Christmas or on any special occasion.


Photo magnets are fun little photo gifts for friends and family to relive your best moments together. Our magnets come in sets of nine, perfect for brightening up any fridge or whiteboard. Use them to leave little messages for your loved ones or create a magnetic photo collage to rearrange as often as you like.

How to design personalised photo gifts

Thanks to our intuitive creation tools, creating personalised gifts has never been easier. Just choose your best snaps and your personalised photo gifts will be ready in a few clicks.

  1. Choose your photo gift A special mug to brighten mum’s day or a set of fun photo magnets for dad? Pick the product you want to personalise.
  2. Upload your photos Upload your photos. Pick a nice shot that will look great on your gift.
  3. Order your gift Once you’re happy with your creation, simply place your order and wait for the smiles when your gift is unwrapped.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, our app makes it easy to create the perfect personalised gift in minutes.

Photo gift products for every occasion from Photobox

Create thoughtful, personal and long-lasting photo gifts with Photobox. Whether you need the perfect wedding photo gift or something truly unique for Christmas, turn your most memorable moments into gifts to cherish forever. Made from high-quality materials our products are affordable and easy to create for any occasion.

How to make personalised gifts

Transform your best shots into original photo gifts in a few simple steps using our intuitive creation tools:

  1. Select the photo gift you would like to personalise.
  2. Pick one or several nice shots to upload – a shared moment with a friend, a beloved pet, a funny snapshot, a professional portrait – the possibilities are endless.
  3. A final click to place your order.

Now sit back and relax, and we'll do the rest.

How to gift a photo

Our personalised photo gifts are designed to please. Whether you need a one-of-a-kind birthday present, a unique Christmas gift, or just a little 'thank you' gesture, our photo gift ideas are here to inspire you.

It’s simple: choose the gift to match your occasion – a framed photo print for proud grandparents, a fun picture mug for a favourite teacher, or a set of personalised kitchen magnets for a housewarming. Pick the perfect shot, and our editor will help you create your custom photo gift.

What to write on a personalised gift

There are a few things to consider when you compose a message for your personalised gift. Think about adding the recipient's name, a memorable date or a personal quote. Write a heartfelt message that genuinely reflects your relationship, maybe recalling a shared experience or an inside joke to match your photo. For a more sentimental touch, add a line about what they mean to you. Whether your personalised photo gift is for a birthday, anniversary or just because, your words will make your gift extra special and truly unique.

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To provide you with the best experience possible, we’ve made important updates to our creation tools and some changes to our product selection. So whatever photo product you want to create, you’ll find more intuitive creative tools to support you.

As of July 2nd, bonusprint joined forces with Photobox. Therefore the bonusprint website will now redirect you to the Photobox website where you will find the same creation experience and product quality. Just all under a new name. These changes allow us to provide you a better experience with a growing product range.

As of July 2nd, bonusprint joined forces with Photobox. Therefore the bonusprint website will now redirect you to the Photobox website where you will find the same creation experience and product quality. Just all under a new name. These changes allow us to provide you a better experience with a growing product range.