Welcome to our new chapter

Welcome to our new chapter

We’re proud of the journey we’ve been on together and are looking forward to continuing to bring your big, small and unexpected stories to life for many years to come. To provide you with the best experience possible, we’ve made important updates to our creation tools and some changes to our product selection. So whatever photo product you want to create, you’ll find our more intuitive creative tools to support you.

This is just the start, we will continue to improve to ensure your stories can be brought to life in the best way possible.

Start Creating

New and improved creation tools

We’ve made our creation tools more intuitive so creating a photo product is easier than ever. Here are a few examples of the new tools and features for Photo Books and Wall Art:

Photo Books:

  • A downloadable editor for Windows and Mac which can be used offline. The editor has our most advanced editing capabilities including the mobile Photo Transfer feature. This enables you to use a QR code to transfer photos easily from your phone straight into the editor. Get started here or read our detailed guide here.
  • Innovative features across our creation tools to help make creating a photo book as simple as possible. This includes our Smart Assistant feature which can automatically select your best photos and organise them into the best possible layout.

Want to learn more about these changes? Check out our video content on our blog.

Wall Art:

  • Our scene rendering feature which allows you to visualise how your creation will look on the wall, getting a better idea of which size will suit your room the best.
  • Easy change your mind throughout the creation process, prefer a different material, add a frame or size up and down, we have got you covered.

Never-seen-before Pre-Designs

More Pre-Designed Photo Books, Cards, Calendars and Gifts than ever before to inspire you and make your next photo product look as unique as you. Explore a wide selection of Pre Designed Photo Books created by our team here.

New product line-up

We’ve made some updates to our product selection including introducing new products, sizes, materials chosen and changing some specific dimensions of existing products. We now have a wider range of materials and paper finishes for our calendars and a new range of softcover and hardcover Photo Books in medium and small formats. We have made sure every product is handled with the utmost care and produced using high-quality materials only.

Got any questions?

We appreciate there have been many changes and you might have questions regarding our credit offers, our merger with bonusprint, your past projects, stored photos and so on. Don’t hesitate to read our full FAQ to find out more about those changes and their possible impacts.