What’s the right piece of Wall Art for your wall?

By Photobox on 20 February 2020

It’s tempting to cover every surface with a unique piece of wall art, if only to see your favourite faces at every turn, or the dog (we know you’d rather see the dog, it’s okay, we would too…). But sometimes wall art and wall can clash. For example, if you’re printing your favourite seaside snap on Canvas in the hope of hanging it in the shower room, it’s probably not the best idea as over time, steam and humidity may ruin it! Read on to discover the best art for your walls…

The bathroom

Those rushed morning showers when you’ve forgotten to switch on the fan. That bathtime that got a little bit more than soggy. The few times you’ve given in and let the dog use the shower and they’ve returned the favour by shaking their fur… The bathroom has truly seen it all. So, when it comes to choosing art for the walls, you’ll need to choose wisely.

We recommend an Aluminium Mounted Print. With a scratch-resistant and waterproof surface, it’s sure to offer some longevity to your snaps. This modern take on a traditional print will bring your bathroom walls to life, and, as it’s UV printed, the photo is ingrained into the metal, meaning the vivid colours won’t fade. Plus, with its already fitted hanging system, this piece of wall art is good to go from the moment it arrives!

The kitchen

We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen – cooking, making tea, making more tea, eating, and then sneaking back for a midnight snack – so why not fill the space with all your favourite photos? That being said, there’s not always a lot of wall space in the kitchen, particularly if you’ve got wall mounted cabinets, so you might have to get a little creative with your photo placement. If this sounds like your kitchen, you could prop your prints up on top of the kitchen cupboards, lean them on the floor against the wall, or have them sitting at the back of the counter, peering out from behind the spice rack.

The best piece of wall art for the kitchen? We’re going with the Timeless Framed Print. With a protective acrylic sheet, your photos will stay safe from any messy cooks (and we know that doesn’t always mean the children). Create a mini gallery with a range of shapes and sizes, each framed in a different coloured wood (there’s three to choose from), and arrange them all across the room. You can even mix in prints that you’ve picked up from other places – such as old postcards, posters, maps – to give it a more eclectic feel.

The kids’ bedroom

Turn their masterpieces into a gorgeous piece of art that’s worthy of any wall. If they used every crayon in the box, make sure you opt for an Acrylic Print to ensure the colours really pop. The acrylic surface ensures that the shades are vivid, meaning the print will stand out on any wall.

If you’re looking for something a little less permanent, why not create a Poster? No, we don’t mean those cringey boy band posters that will be ripped down in teenage angst, we mean a unique, personalised poster of their favourite photo. Whether it’s of them and their closest pals, them and you, or, more likely, them and their favourite pet, it’s an ideal way to bring a little life to their walls without leaving any permanent marks.

The hallway

The hallway. Often overlooked, and yet constantly in use. It’s the perfect space to create a unique gallery wall. Whether you make it up of all your favourite faces (furry faces included) or you turn it into a walk-through of all the snaps from last year’s travels, a piece of wall art is the perfect way to spruce things up a bit.

For hard-wearing Wall Art that’s sure to catch your eye, we recommend Mounted Posters. Frameless and thin enough that it won’t get knocked, yet elegant and simple, ensuring that all the focus is on your gorgeous photos.