4 kid’s bedroom decoration ideas

By Photobox on 30 March 2023

DIY: How to create personalised wall art for your kid’s bedroom

Inspire their creativity

Having some fun wall art in the kid’s bedroom is a great way to add some personality without having to turn to the paintbrushes. No matter what they’re into at the time (superheroes, dinosaurs, unicorns – the list goes on), you’ll be able to find some copyright-free images using handy websites like iStock or Pixabay to turn into prints.

We suggest using Framed Canvas Prints for this little project as it makes the print look like a true piece of art, and protects it from being damaged (or drawn on with crayon).

Display their very own pieces

If they’re at that age of bringing home a piece of art from school *every* week, show some pride for your little Picasso by turning it into a bigger Poster Print.

Simply take a quick snap of their drawing, upload it, and choose the size and format. Not only will it free up space in the cupboard or on the fridge, but it’ll make for a mini art gallery for your kids to show off to friends and family.

Add a playful cushion

The kids’ rooms should be a cosy haven, as well as a place for all the toys and games, and a Personalised Photo Cushion is a super simple way to add some comfort.

Choose from a canvas or suede effect fabric, upload their favourite photo, and we’ll do the rest. Whether it’s propped up on the bed for a cosy night’s sleep, or on their chair for all those Saturday mornings playing video games, these cushions can spruce up the space without having to fully redecorate.

Hang up their favourite memories

If your ‘little ones’ aren’t so little anymore and want something more trendy to brighten up their bedroom, try hanging some Retro Prints. These prints look like they’re straight out of an old school camera, and are perfect for turning into personalised bunting for decorating blank walls.

Simply print off their favourite photos (prom snaps, group selfies, holiday favourites and more), and remember to add the DIY kit of pegs, string and tape so they’re ready to hang up the good times.

Interested in finding some more kid’s bedroom decoration ideas? We’ve got loads of personalised goodies ready for your home at Photobox.