How to find the best nature imagery for your walls

By Photobox on 30 March 2023

Find the best nature images to print on a Canvas

Birds flying towards the horizon, hidden waterfalls in a tropical jungle, sunsets on sandy beaches… words can’t really describe the peace that you feel when you look at a perfect photo of the outdoors. Many studies have been able to prove the calming effect on the body and mind of nature imagery, from helping patients control their anxiety to even lowering their blood pressure.

And we’ve got high-quality Canvas Prints ready to put these masterful images on your walls. Sound good? Let’s get started on creating one just for you.

What image should I use?

If you’ve ever captured such a peaceful photo, then you’re all set. But let’s face it, not everyone has been able to take a perfectly timed shot filled with the beauty of the landscape in front of their eyes. Not to worry, we’ve gathered the best websites where you can find copyright-free images, ready to download in HD.

Life of Pix – this website has thousands of stunning free photos, with a particular emphasis on landscapes such as icy mountain ranges.

Pixabay – with plenty of high-resolution images, this website is perfect for choosing a quality close-up. – hundreds of new free photos are added to this website every day, including an impressive catalogue of ocean life. – this website offers lots of photos of sandy beaches and tropical landscapes, perfect for when you need a little extra warmth in your space.

Kaboompics – check out this website’s large collection of bright imagery, such as flower close-ups that will have you dreaming of spring fields.

What should I print my image on?

Once you’ve found the style that’s *just right* for your space, it’s time to choose the Canvas Print that you want to display it on (we’ve got a fair few options for you).

If you’ve gone with a large landscape shot, we recommend our Simple Canvas Print in a panoramic shape to cover the vast beautiful space. If you’re after a smaller moment of tranquillity in your workspace, opt for a Desk Canvas Print.

If you’ve been absolutely captivated by one image, give it the love it deserves with a quality wooden frame using our Framed Canvas Prints. Or if you simply can’t choose a single photo, not to worry, our Collage Canvas Prints can feature up to 30 images.