What To Put On Your Father’s Day Wall Art: A Guide for Creation

By Photobox on 27 May 2022

Fathers day wall art banner

It’s time to put your thinking cap on and figure out what gifts to get for Dad this Father’s Day. We’re saying nope to socks and novelty t-shirts, and instead, gifting something he’ll treasure forever – wall art.

This guide will help you discover our wall art options and suggest the types of photos you can display on your creation.Dad’s favourite ever gift awaits…

His favourite photos of: the family

The number one choice for wall art is photos of your family, of course. Who wouldn’t want to show off their lovely (if slightly chaotic) family photos? If his living room, study, or shed has bare walls in need of a spruce-up, create a personalised canvas print to brighten the space with family photos.

What you’ll need: College Canvas Print

With 16 canvas sizes to choose from, you can decorate his living space and give a home to those family photos lying on your camera roll. Choose your photos, pick a layout and create your Father’s Day masterpiece. His opening-a-gift expression will actually be genuine this time.

His favourite photos of: pets

Whether he’s a dog cat or budgie person, personalised pet wall art for Dad will always win. Take his photos of the pets from his camera roll straight to our Editor to turn them into wall art.. He’s going to love it, right?

What you’ll need: Wooden Photo Blocks

Our wooden photo blocks are the perfect gift for those with busy walls.With no need to hang or frame, Dad can swap and change the position of these photo blocks and they’ll still look good (no interior design knowledge needed). Created to be free-standing on your shelves, mantlepiece or bookcases, displaying Dad’s favourite photos of his beloved pets has never been easier.

His favourite photos of: holiday memories

If holidaying is your Dad’s favourite thing to do y with the family then take advantage of his photo-taking skills and create a gallery wall of his holiday snaps. He’ll be chuffed to bits knowing you used his photography, and it’ll be even more special when you’ve personalised them yourselves to match his home decor. From sunny selfies to grumpy airport candids, holiday photos need to be displayed.

What you’ll need: Framed Photo Prints

Gifting a framed photo print to Dad on Father’s Day screams ‘I’ve thought about this present and now I’m the favourite child’.. Our framed photo prints may be small, but they pack a big (sentimental) punch and let Dad relive those good times from your family holidays. Once you’ve picked your photo, choose a frame colour and enjoy his favourite holiday memories coming to life.

His favourite photos of: movie quotes

Houston, we have a problem –it’s Father’s Day and you’ve still not created a gift for Dad. Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether he’s a film buff or a rookie when it comes to movies, find copyright-free quotes from his favourite movies to decorate his living space (or man cave).

What you’ll need: Photo Tiles

Say hello to our photo tiles.They’re restickable,reusable and can brighten up any living space. Is he a fan of Die Hard or is The Notebook more his vibe? No matter what his taste in pop culture, you can decorate his living space with movie, TV or book quotes. Pop his favourite quotes on our tiles and stick them straight on the wall, no fuss.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our Father’s Day gifts range and spread the love with Photobox.