How to recycle your kid’s drawings into a Collage Canvas

By Photobox on 19 July 2019

Do you open the Pandora’s Box that is your chest of drawers once a year, and find a stack of your child’s drawings from previous years? We’re sure you’d agree that every drawing from your children needs a special place! And not just on the fridge door that’s already overflowing with their latest drawings.

So, it’s time to put all these masterpieces in order and no, we don’t mean “accidentally lose” some of them while our children sleep! Ask them which ones they want to keep or not, helping them to select the ones they prefer and the ones to keep. We can make their favourites into a nice Collage Canvas and the others into gifts for family such as a Mug or Personalised Calendar.

Create your Collage Canvas from your children’s drawings

Here is what you need

  • An afternoon with your child to sort the drawings
  • A bit of cool weather, because afternoons at home with bored kids can get a bit tricky
  • Some drawings your child has chosen to display in the canvas
  • Organise your collage canvas and start to think about the layout (how many drawings you and your little one want, the background colour or if you want to add some text)
  • A scanner or at least a phone to take photos of the drawings

Go for the Collage Canvas to frame your child’s art – the hardest part is to choose between 14 canvas sizes, 3 shapes and layouts including up to 35 drawings per canvas!

Then it’s onto the drawings. Here are our favourites drawings/paintings we’ve selected at Photobox:

A beautiful painting of a brown cat
A family in front of their house and the little one even drew his little cat
Some hand prints done at school, a beautiful rainbow and a really nice collage of a dinosaur

Simply start by scanning all of them, but you can photograph and upload all of them directly from your phone. Then choose the layout you want and the background you prefer – you have plenty of choices regarding the colour, so be extravagant! And you have the option to add text if you want to date or name your masterpiece!

We’re pretty sure your kids will be very proud when they discover this Collage Canvas made from their drawings and there’s a good chance they’ll want to keep it for themselves, in their bedrooms!