Small wall art

A small piece of wall art, whether a canvas print or mounted photo, can be just as impactful as a large one. Check out our helpful guide to how to make the best of your small art with Photobox, as well as what finishes and formats we offer.

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Create Small wall art

Small wall art

Small wall art is perhaps the most versatile of our range because it will fit on every wall in your house! Whether you’re opting to get a canvas, mounted, aluminium or acrylic print, we regard medium as being 60x40cm as a portrait image or 40 x 60cm as a landscape image.

Creating your personalised small wall art

If you’re wondering what we mean by small, here at Photobox we judge our small wall art to be in the 20x30cm or 30x40cm size brackets. Once you’ve created one you’ll start to look around your home to see which other spaces need filling! Creating a series of three or more small images is a great way to tell a story of a special event like a wedding, anniversary or birthday and is a stylish way fill a large area on your wall too.

Order your small wall art

It really is straightforward to order your small wall art online. All you need to do to create your wall art is choose your finish, format and size. Once you’ve done that you’ll be taken to the Photobox editor, which is brilliantly simple to use. You can choose to add text, backgrounds or even ClipArt and frames to your mini wall art or you can keep it as just the digital photo. Totally up to you!