Large wall art

Let us take you through the different options you can find with Photobox when looking create a large piece of wall art.

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Create large wall art

Large wall art

If you’re looking to make a statement piece of contemporary large wall art that will get your visitors talking, then you’ll find the perfect choice with Photobox. Choose between various large photo print finishes or even create a large canvas photo print, and make your walls sing with your own personalised piece of wall art. Whether it’s a picture of family and friends, memories of a holiday or a piece of art you’ve created, Photobox is the perfect place to make stylish, large canvas and photo prints from digital photographs.

Creating your large canvas prints

Creating your own, personalised piece of large wall art really is simple with Photobox. All you need to do is choose the print finish – canvas, acrylic, aluminium or a mounted print and then how big you want to go! If you want to go very large then that’s no problem too! An 80 x 60cm canvas is one of most popular options but you can go all the way up to 120 x 80cm with Photobox. Then you just need to click ‘Create Now’, upload your image and away you go!

Ordering your large wall art

A piece of large wall art is a brilliant addition to your home – what could be better than having your own, unique and personal photo canvas or art print brightening up your room? It’s so straightforward to create with the Photobox online editor – you just need to upload your photo and choose from the menu on the left hand side layouts, additions, text or just leave it as is. Whatever you like, it’s easy to create in an instant. Why not create a series – one for each room of your house?