Medium wall art

We’ve got an incredible range of options to create your medium-sized piece of wall art. With a range of finishes and formats, check out this helpful guide on how to make the medium-sized wall art you want with Photobox.

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Create Medium wall art

Medium wall art

Medium wall art is perhaps the most versatile of our range because it will fit on every wall in your house! Whether you’re opting to get a canvas, mounted, aluminium or acrylic print, we regard medium as being 60x40cm as a portrait image or 40 x 60cm as a landscape image.

Creating your personalised medium wall art

To create your medium wall art, all you need to do is choose which finish you’d like, the format (portrait or landscape) and then 60x40cm as the size. Once you’ve done that and clicked through to the Photobox editor, you can start to get creative. Upload your image and then look to the left hand side where you’ll find the menu where you can choose to add text, backgrounds and ClipArt and play with layouts. The limits to making your personalised wall art are endless!

Order your medium wall art online now

Once you’ve created one piece of medium wall art you might start thinking some of the other walls in your home are looking a little bare, so why not make some more? They’re so easy to create and order online they’re great for putting a unique spin on your space. Or if you’ve got family moving into a new home or friends getting married, a medium piece of wall art is perfect as a thoughtful and memorable gift too.