How to personalise your Little Moments Book (even more!)

So, you’ve spent hours whittling down your favourite photos. You’ve culled some of your not so favourite faces and rid your folder of those blurry, finger-over-the-lens snaps. You’ve written witty captions (at least you think they are) and shuffled the layout until everything is ‘just right’. But something’s missing. A bit of colour! Here’s how to add coloured and patterned backgrounds to your Little Moments Book and make it the most personalised mini Photo Book it could be.

1. Build your Book

Alright, this one is obvious. Firstly, you’ll need to create your Little Moments Book. This mini Photo Book is perfectly pocket-sized, so whether you capture that gorgeous long weekend in Copenhagen, a loved one’s big birthday, or your little one’s first steps, you’ll end up with 24 pages of your favourite snaps.

Once you’ve uploaded all your photos, you can save time with our Smart Fill or add your photos to your Book manually and in your own order. Once all your photos are in, you can change the layout by pressing the ‘Shuffle Layout’ button beneath the Book – you’ll have six layouts to choose from. You can also see which layouts are available by clicking the “Layout” tab on the left hand menu. Finally, add captions beneath your photos for that extra personal touch. Captions are only available on certain layouts, and a text box should appear beneath your photo when they are. When writing your captions, you can edit the font, the font size, colour and alignment.

2. Add some colour 

Happy with how your Book is looking so far? Time to add some colour!

Like what you see? Read on for the details…

By clicking the ‘Backgrounds’ tab on the left hand menu, you’ll be able to view all the colours, patterns and backgrounds that are available for your chosen Book.

Adding a background is really simple, all you need to do is drag and drop your chosen background onto the page. You can repeat this for every page, which makes it super easy if you’d like each page to have a different theme!

Opt for a simple black or white background for a super sleek feel, or choose a pattern for something a little more fun! We’ve created different themes to celebrate big events, so you can tailor your Book even more. Want to create a tear-jerking read for Mum this Mother’s Day? Add one of our colourful floral backgrounds to brighten things up. Or how about sharing your own love story? We’ve got plenty of romantic themes to set the mood.

3. Order and enjoy!

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, your new Little Moments Book is sure to be enjoyed for years to come. Our perfectly pocket-size Photo Book is made for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations or ‘just because’ – it even comes complete with its own gorgeous gift box!

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