How to give a gift they’ll never throw away

There’s always that point in a new relationship where you end up at his mum’s and she pulls out the old photos. Hilarious ones of him with silly hair at birthday parties doing thumbs-ups, the obligatory ones in the bath that make him squirm. They’re great for bonding with his mother and, if you end up having kids, they’re an endless source of hilarity.

But rather than digging through old boxes, turn your snaps into a Photo Book and it’ll be simple to embarrass your kids once you’re the prospective mother-in-law (a terrifying thought, right?).

Give your photo album an upgrade

We’ve all got piles of photos we’ve been meaning to put into an album (which explains the dusty old boxes his mum had to dig through). It’s a job you put off because it takes ages, isn’t urgent and the longer you leave it, the bigger a task it becomes. Clicking a few choice photos as you scroll down your phone however, is simple.

And you don’t need to ponder when/where that photo was taken. It’s all there, on your phone. Many people make a book to celebrate each year. We’ve even got one with the year as a cut out cover to make that really obvious.

If you’re planning on passing yours down to the next generation, it’s worth taking a little extra time over. And we’ve plenty of different backgrounds and layouts, so it’s easy to make yours perfect. High quality printing is a given and we hand check each one because we know (unlike bath bombs or smelly candles) these gifts need to last a lifetime.

Instant heirlooms?

If that still sounds like too much work, then take our advice and… cheat. Try our new feature that cleverly fills your book for you with all your chosen images. Then you can mess about with anything you’re not happy with afterwards. It’s a real time-saver.

But however you do it, do it

Slim volumes that fit on a bookshelf are much more likely to be looked at than an elderly box you have to get down from the loft.

And give one to his mum this year for a truly personal gift – including that brilliant one of him crying on Santa’s knee (just take a quick photo of the original and upload it). It’s another chance to bond over silly pictures of the man you both love.

Create your Photo Book

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