How to turn old bottles into cute photo frames

Transform a set of prints into a focal point for your home, in no time at all. Right now, this creative craft project costs almost nothing to do. Simple, free, creative – we’re a bit in love with this idea.

Here’s how to recreate it, yourself.

What you need

Old bottles.


How to do it

Carefully roll up and insert (message in a bottle style) your photo.

Then they’ll uncurl and… that’s it.

Depending on your bottle it may need a little help with a pointy stick (chopsticks work well). If your print isn’t uncurling just leave the bottle on its side for a day and gravity will help you out.

And because of the reflections of the glass, matte photos work better than gloss ones.

Use any photos and bottles you like

Are your old family photos stuck in a box in the attic? Pop portraits of great great grandparents into a vintage glass bottle for a gorgeous way to add character – and your personal history – to a room.

And coloured glass works as an in-real-life Instagram filter. 

You can add some sand to the bottom of your bottle or tiny sea shells. It looks great for beach wedding photos, or that lovely shot of the kids’ ice-cream covered faces.

No bottles to hand?

Use jam jars turned upside down. Differing sizes and shapes work well together. And this idea looks even better as a collection of glass bottle frames.

Have a play and if yours go well, post a pic on our Facebook or Instagram, #PhotoboxUK. (We admit it, we’re nosey and we’re obsessed with showing off photos.)


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