Get creative with the Collage Photobook

Want to create Photo Books that really stands out? The search is over. Meet the one-of-a-kind A4 Classic Collage Photo Book. This stylish hardcover Book has nine small cut-out windows for you to show off all your favourite photos from inside. But that’s just the beginning.

If you’re up to a creative challenge, we’ve come up with some crafty ideas for you to make your Book cover a real masterpiece:

Mark an occasion

Wedding, birthday, Christmas, anniversary — there’s so many custom Photo Book ideas for you to make into the best presents and keepsakes. 

If it’s for a birthday or special person, let them take centre stage on your cover photo collage. Upload some of your best photos of them, cropping the pics so they fit just right and let their face peep through the windows — surprise! Or if you’re creating a collection of your favourite family photos together, arrange the cover photos so everyone’s got their own window (from grown ups to little ones). 

Tell a story

True, you should never judge a Book by its cover, but in this case we’re not worried. This cover idea is out to impress. 

Get really creative with the nine windows, try adding a mixture of letters and photos to make collages for a scrapbook-inspired look. Our easy-to-use creation studio lets you rotate, resize and edit your photos to fit the windows perfectly and work together as an ensemble. 

Create the ultimate yearbook with a collage of unmissable photos. From champagne popping on New Year’s Eve to summer festivals, these treasured moments have earned their place. You can also take it up a notch and photograph some numbers to spell out the year on the cover — points for originality!

This can also work really well if you’re creating a travel Photo Book and want to spell out or hint at the destination. Bring to life some arty pics taken of street signs and shapes to spell out ‘Amsterdam’ or ‘New York’ with highlights of your favourite landmarks.

Pro tips

Why not add in different chapters to your Photo Book to add some structure as you upload photos? Each chapter could include a summary of the activities that you experienced on each day of your trip in chronological order, or you could group photos together to create themes — like your favourite architecture, local life or best foodporn snaps. It always helps to pick high-quality photos, just to make sure you never miss a detail.

For an extra touch, add a title and introduction at the beginning of your book with the key points from your trip, like the date and year you travelled, people you met, favourite shops and restaurants (never forget that amazing New York bagel shop). 

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