Making a mug of ourselves

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Introducing…some willing members of the PhotoBox team! 

To create our mug heads, we simply took a head & shoulders portrait photo against a white wall – the mugs will also work with any manner of selfie from your Instagram account!

Top tip: Try using a coloured sheet or stand against a patterned wall for a different background

We uploaded our shots to the PhotoBox site and created a mixture of colour bright and simple photo mugs.


When they arrived, we filled them with all manner of objects – from sweets to whipped cream & even as a place to store our plants!

In fact, we haven’t used them for the intended purpose yet -who’s turn is it to make the tea…?


We’re giving away one of each of our personalised mugs (5 varieties, worth £51 in total) so you can have a shot at creating your own mug heads.

Simply let us know what you’d fill your mugs with in the comments below…

Tags : Gift Ideas

Last modified: 18months ago

TAGS: Gift Ideas

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