Creative gift wrapping ideas: our top 7

Sure Mum’s roast is delicious and Grandpa’s stories are hilarious…and it’s always a pleasure to catch up with cousin Rob. But the best thing about Christmas ? The presents, of course!

So, this year, really blow your loved ones away by getting a little more creative with the wrapping. Your gifts will almost look too good to open. (Almost.)

Ditch the bows for pom-poms

Looking for a creative alternative to ribbons and bows? Switch to pom-poms. They’ll give a nice festive feel to any present. Plus you can even ask your little helper to make them (to keep them occupied while you get the rest of the presents sorted).

Use a Wooden Keepsake Box

Put their favourite pic on the lid, fill the box with a bunch of small gifts, and then wrap the whole thing up. Your loved ones will be fooled to think the box is their present before discovering the rest. Use this ‘Russian Doll trick’ to surprise them with a gift that keeps on giving – literally.

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Wrap your present twice

We don’t want to give you extra work but if you use wrapping paper of a different colour to loosely wrap one end of your present a second time, you can create a little pouch (the space in between the two layers of paper) where you can fit another treat, like a small choccie!

Upgrade your gift tag…

This year, make your gift tags even more personal thanks to Retro Prints. Use a picture of the person receiving the gift, write a message at the bottom with marker pen, then make a hole (with a hole punch) and pass the ribbon through. Easy!

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… or replace your gift tag

Another alternative to traditional gift tags is using one of our Wooden Christmas Decorations – it comes with a red ribbon so it’s easy to attach to the bow. All you need is a picture of your loved one and you’re good to go! They’ll even be able to decorate their tree with it next year.

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Go for a rustic look

Skip the bows and ribbons altogether and glue natural elements on your present instead. You can place a pinecone, for a cool 3D effect, put some cotton wool, to mimic snow, use rosemary sprigs to create a tiny wreath or use all three for maximum effect.

Use a pouch and wrap your gift in seconds

The decorations, the presents, the dinner…you’ve got so much to think about already. So if you still want that wow factor, but don’t have much spare time, think Personalised Pouch. All you need to do is print their favourite picture on it and pop your gift inside. (Our biggest pouch fits an iPad, so plenty of space.) Quick, easy and still fab! *Zip*

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Proud of your creative wrappings ? Take pictures of your presents and share them with us using the hashtag #PhotoboxUk.

Still looking for the perfect pressies? Have a look at our personalised gifts. Most are delivered within 3-5 working days – plenty of time to get them wrapped up before Christmas.

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