How to decorate your living room for Christmas

With the festive season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas decorations. Gone are the days of simply hanging up a few fairy lights; if you really want to let the true spirit of Christmas into your home, you’re going to have to commit to it! That’s why we’ve put together the definitive guide to decorating your living room for Christmas, filled with amazing ideas to make your home glow with festive joy. Read on for the easiest Christmas decoration ideas this year, from simple tricks to show-stopping centrepieces!

The classic look

When you think of classic Christmas decor, the chances are you’re probably imagining an open log fire, a real Christmas tree, Christmas crafts and lots and lots of wooden furniture. While we’re not suggesting you completely redecorate your living room for the sake of a couple of days, there’s plenty of easy steps you can take to give off this traditional style. Firstly, you can buy red-plaid or tartan throw cushions and blankets to give off the homely, log cabin feel. Your decorations can be muted, with very few lights and focusing on natural elements, such as pine cones, a Christmas garland, willow tree figures, plain circular wreathes and simple white candles.

Paint the room red

Christmas decorations are a time for colour and vibrancy, regardless of what the weather looks like outside. If you want to bring some warmth into your home, don’t be afraid to use lots of bright, playful Christmas colours. The classic combination of red, gold and green always goes down a treat and it’s incredibly easy to find cheap decorations to suit this theme. Maybe even try a red and gold Christmas tree…

Go natural

Here’s some more Christmas tree ideas for 2020 — if you’re tired of traipsing the same old synthetic tree out every year, maybe consider going all natural. A real Christmas tree will add a new dimension to the rest of your decorations. Not only does it look fantastic on its own and smell fantastic, but once you’ve attached all your traditional Christmas tree decorations, it’ll really make your living room pop. Just make sure you have the room for it! Additionally, fresh mistletoe, holly, and garlands are excellent accentual decorations. On top of this, natural wreathes in your windows are a great way of spreading Christmas cheer to the outside world.

Deck the walls

Don’t be afraid to show off your festive cards for more Christmas decoration ideas. While they look good standing on a mantelpiece or a bookshelf, you can turn them into a great decoration just as easily. Simply run a length of cord from one end of a wall to the other and balance the cards on it, creating a completely free Christmas card bunting. Equally, if you’re overflowing with gifts and don’t have any room under the tree, consider putting them on a shelf, letting the different wrapping papers add to the overall décor. Don’t forget, for festive banister ideas you can wrap some tinsel decorated with indoor Christmas window lights for a touch of fun.

Add a new centrepiece

You could argue that the tree should be the centerpiece of any living room Christmas décor, but why just settle for one? Creating a unique look with garlands is a great way of adding charm and character to your decorations, and you can even manipulate them to have festive messages on the walls. Alternatively, you could invest in an antique piece of furniture. You could try our amazing wooden Christmas Eve box for putting presents in, a rocking chair that you can ‘shabby-chic’ to match the rest of your Christmas home décor. Or, even a disused sleigh which could replace your coffee table — for slightly unusual Christmas decorations!

Make it personal

Your living room doesn’t have to look like it’s been ripped out of a catalogue. Instead, consider adding personal touches that intertwine with the decorations. Family photo prints and posters for the perfect Christmas backdrop, Wooden Photo Blocks as Christmas table decorations, Retro Photo Print Christmas tree ornaments/stocking labels,  Christmas baubles, wooden Christmas decorations…it’s super easy! These are great ways of celebrating the best part about Christmas — spending time with our loved ones.

How do you make your living room Christmas decorations unique? Let us know in the comments!

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