Let’s set the scene: your friends have called and said it’s your turn to host a dinner party…. But you’ve only got one dish(spaghetti, of course) under your belt and you’re yet to decorate the home you’ve lived in for, ahem, one year. 
 While redecorating isn’t necessary, there are some small, yet mighty, products that will brighten up the space. Here are our top 10 (we can’t choose a favourite) home decor products that will personalise your living area.

1. Photo Tiles

Our Photo Tiles are the perfect solution if you’re looking for high-quality wall decor but feeling indecisive about where to hang them in your home. They’re restickable tiles that are made for readjusting and swapping around, making them fun, versatile and great for those who live in a property that doesn’t allow holes in the walls.

Choose from a variety of sizes and decide if you’d like to add a frame. We suggest buying a few and creating a wall decor collage of your favourite moments, or gifting to family and friends. Our photo tiles are made with 10mm premium lightweight foam board with adhesive tabs, allowing you to restick on any surface.

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2. Collage Canvas Prints

When your camera roll is starting to fill up and you need a place to display all those recent snaps, try our Collage Canvas Print (the best solution to a ‘storage full’ situation). This canvas comes in 16 different sizes, ranging from 20 x 20cm to 100 x 75cm, with the option to choose portrait or landscape orientation too. 

Our Editor makes it super easy to choose the layout for your canvas. Once you’ve picked your favourite photos to feature, our Editor will automatically apply a layout that showcases all your photos in the best way possible. Ahh, technology. From there, you can play around with background colours and illustrations to really make the canvas your own.

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3. Photo Coasters

The sun is shining (we hope) and you’ve just made a brew –this is where our photo coasters come to say hi. Think of them as a personalised place to rest your cuppa while displaying some of your favourite moments.

Our photo coasters come in a set of 4, so either choose your best family snaps or get matchy-matchy with your living/kitchen aesthetic. With a high-gloss, wipeable finish, you can easily clean them from spills. They’re delivered in a gift box too, so if you’re sending them to friends or family, they’ll really think you’ve gone all out.

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4. Photo Cushions

Although you have a mountain of cushions piling up on your bed or your sofa, ours are the best when it comes to; comfort and style. These personalised cushions are great for displaying your favourite photos while adding coziness to your living space.

Not only are our photo cushions super comfortable, you can choose every little detail too, from the size of your cushion, to the fabric (canvas or suede, you decide). Got a lot of photos you want to show off? No problem, our photo cushions allow up to 8 photos per cushion, so you don’t have to decide who goes on the front.

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5. Panoramic Framed Poster Prints

Panoramic photos are tricky to capture but pure magic. that’s why we’ve designed our Panoramic Framed Poster Prints to celebrate those hard-earned snaps (and every single pixel). From soaring views of the city, to a mountain range, our poster prints are the perfect gift for any budding photographers itching to get their snaps on the wall.

Choose from 8 different sizes and 2 frame colours- depending on the vibe you’re going for -Your and are printed with a matte finish on high-quality Fujifilm paper). With a free hanging kit too, you can hang up your photo in a flash – the hard part has already been done.

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6. Framed Canvas Prints

Our Framed Canvas Prints take two of our favourite things and combine them together; canvases and frames. Canvas prints are already a great home decor staple but why not take it up a notch by adding a modern frame? These prints will brighten up any living space, whether you’re choosing to display your favourite photos or a cool  print.

We’ve got 16 (yes, 16) sizes available from  20 x 20cm to 100 x 75cm. Our canvas prints are high-quality with a responsibly-sourced wood frame and come with a free hanging kit (we really are spoiling you).

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7. Box Framed Aluminium Prints

If you’re looking for wall decor that’s less classic and more unique, we suggest our Box Framed Aluminium Print, the new ‘non-traditional’ way of capturing your favourite moments. We take your photos and UV print them onto an aluminum panel.

Imagine: your family snaps and travel photos  on a canvas, rather than buried in your camera roll. With 20 different sizes to choose from and three different frame colours, you’ll be able to call yourself a home decor master after creating this canvas.

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8. Retro Photo Prints

 Say an old school ‘cheese’ with our Retro Photo Prints. These prints look like they’ve just jumped out of an 80s teen movie, with their iconic white border. Choose your favourite snaps, from selfies with friends to pet sidekick photos, and get them printed, retro-style. Keep them safe in a folder or box, or even stick them around your bedroom to relive those precious moments.

Our retro photo prints come in packs of 12, 24 and 36.. With a space to write a caption, either add yours in our Editor or write-on once they’re printed.

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9. Magnetic Frames

When it comes to picking which photos to print, you’ve maybe got too many to choose from. Our Framed Magnet Collage is the perfect solution – it’s literally an interchangeable wall collage, so you can swap your fave photos in and out when you feel like changing it up.

This sleek, modern frame houses nine different spots to put your photos in.hy not match them with the seasons or even your living room decor? As the frame is 25 x 25cm, it’s big enough to make a staple wall decor piece in your home.

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10. Wooden Photo Blocks

No more blank bookshelves. OurWooden Photo Blocks are free-standing and fit into any aesthetic perfectly. Choose from black or white wooden edges with a choice of four sizes, depending on how big you want your photo block.

These versatile photo blocks are perfect for those who don’t want to commit to hanging photo frames with a hammer and nails (too much work involved, right?), simply place the photo block on a level surface and ta-dah your favourite moments, positioned front and centre.

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Would you look at that? A few new products and your home’s looking refreshed. It’s good to see you, Spring. No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox.