Spring is finally here – no more dark mornings and cranking up the heating…, We think that means it’s time for a fresh new look on life (well, baby steps?). Maybe you’re organising your work planner, or starting that flower garden you thought-up four years ago.… 

We think the best way to kick-start the spring season is to refresh your living space with some personalised home decor. It’s your comfort area, your humble abode, so you want it to look and feel perfect, right? We have a range of tips and ideas to help you on your way to being an interior design master, making your home the perfect place to be this spring.

So, how do you showcase your photos?

First of all, you need to choose which photos you’re going to be displaying in your spring refresh; are you going for a colour theme? Creating a timeline of your stories? Whatever you decide, make sure they’re good quality photos to make for the best finished product (say bye bye to blurry pics).

So, you’ve chosen your snaps. Now to choose a way to display them

On the wall (your personal art gallery)

Blank walls are far from inspiring – some wall art is the way to go. Why not create a feature wall with different frames around the room? Gallery wall, come through. You could even design your own wall prints with us and pop them in a frame to brighten your wall space.

Our Photo Tiles are a great addition to your interior design checklist – all the fun of having photos on the wall, minus the fuss. Our tiles come in a variety of shapes so you can get creative with your  photo collage. Better yet, they’re restickable Simply stick them with the adhesive tabs provided and *ta-dah* instant wall art. Want to move them around?? No problem, you can reposition the tiles without damaging your paintwork.

Want one stand-out piece?- Try our Collage Canvas Prints. With a choice of three different shapes and a variety of sizes, this canvas is the perfect feature piece (above-the-fireplace-worthy). Gather all the photos you want to display and arrange them in our Editor. From here, you can easily choose the layout of your photos, the decision on where you want your photos to be place is yours. We suggest picking your family holiday photos and create one big collage to remind yourself of sunshine and sandy beaches.

Free-standing photos (a bookshelf staple)

So, your bookcase is looking a little empty – less about books, but rather a lot of nik-naks and unopened letters. Brighten up those dusty shelves with some free-standing photos. 

Take our Acrylic Photo Blocks, they’re durable and offer a modern look – perfect for any space that needs that extra touch of personality. Choose from two sizes and display your favourite snaps inside 2cm thick acrylic (we did say they’re durable). Position the photo blocks as portrait or landscape – depending on which photos you’ve chosen.  Fill them with selfies or a breathtaking mountain shot (breathtaking from the climbing, of course).

Desk looking a little bare? Not for long – our Desk Canvas Prints will keep you company while you work. Give your home office a Spring refresh, or gift to  friends and family who are working-from-home. Our canvas prints come in isquare format, so you can take your snaps from the ‘Gram straight to canvas (no messing around here). 

Something to add that extra personalised touch

Now your walls and shelves are full of personality, it’s time to focus on the other, smaller, bits of decor that make a difference. We’re talking about Personalised Cushions and Photo Fridge Magnets, of course.

Our cushions are the comfiest of all our home decor gifts. Customise with your favourite moments caught on camera. With a choice of either a canvas or suede-effect, you can tailor your cushions to suit the aesthetic of your living room. We did say you’d be an interior design master after reading this.

Okay, fridge magnets. An often overlooked something-something for your kitchen.Our photo magnets were made for your fridge, to make you smile every time you reach for a snack. So… pretty often. Create yours with your favourite moments to look back on. They come in a pack of 9, with two different sizes, ready for you to personalise

Get creative with your personalised home decor gifts

Want to get creative with your personalised home decor? We get it. . 

Maybe there’s a quote you want to read each day, or an abstract print you’re a little bit obsessed with. If there’s a copyright-free image out there, get it printed on one of our products and bring it into your home (just make sure it’s 100% free from copyright). National Gallery who?

Would you look at that? A few new products and your home’s looking refreshed. It’s good to see you, spring. No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox.