You may remember nature photographer and Instagram-extrodinaire, ‘Wild Coy Photography‘ (also known as Danny Coy), who we’ve previously featured on the blog. Well, we liked his last post so much, that we invited him back to share his thoughts on prepping yourself to take great holiday photos…

Top tips for taking great holiday photos

”There’s nothing more exciting than going on holiday and getting some well deserved rest and relaxation. If you are anything like me then having a holiday to look forward to is what makes the rest of the year bearable.

Every holiday is different and exciting in so many ways, but the thing that remains consistent throughout are the memories that are created and shared. Nothing can take those memories away, but with time you may forget some of those beautiful moments. This is why your holiday photos are so important. Often by just looking at an image, a memory can be reinvigorated and you get to remember those good times all over again.

If you are going to be taking pictures then why not make them as beautiful and as close to the real thing as possible? So many people pack all their luxuries into the case but only bring a tiny little camera. You can get your hands on a very good camera relatively cheaply nowadays and the way I see it is that it’s an investment for the future.

Superb sunsets

Wild Coy Photography - sunset
Wild Coy Photography

One of the most spectacular sights on your holiday is the sunset. No matter where you are in the world you can never get tired of a sunset. This is where your cheap point and shoot, or dare I say disposable, cameras will fail drastically. They will not do justice to the beautiful landscape before your eyes.


The image will appear to light or too dark and the sun will look like a weird shape of bright light. By using a slightly better camera and attaching a neutral density (ND) filter you will almost perfectly capture exactly what you are seeing, and not what the camera is seeing!

Family first

Another common mishap in holiday photography is the lack of ‘real’ family photos. Its always nice to get someone to take a picture of the whole family together, posing nicely and these images always look great hung on your wall at home but those images that are taken when people are unaware can often be the most memorable.


Candid shots are photos taken of people when they are not expecting it and so they are showing you their true selves. Whether its one of your children laughing hysterically at a joke you just made round the pool or your friend playing a volleyball game with some locals on the beach these are the things that will stick with you in time to come.


For shots like these, it’s important to have a good zoom on your camera so you can really focus on the person/point of interest. Remember that they shouldn’t know you are taking the photo so the further back you can stay the more natural they will appear.

Live like a local


The night time when you’re abroad can often be the best way to experience the culture of where you are staying. Restaurants and bars can be filled with locals who are more than happy to have a chat with you about their hometown.

If you wander off the beaten track you can really experience the true local life – but just be careful not to get lost. The great thing about talking with locals is that they can tell you about places to visit that the brochures and tour guides may not even know about. I have found many hidden beaches and restaurants through talking with the local folk.


These hidden gems also make for great photographs. These places can be so hidden that you may be one of the only people to photograph it that day which gives you a real opportunity to capture a unique and rare image. Play around with the lighting and the scenery to create a truly fantastic and memorable image.

And finally…

The most important thing about your holiday is enjoying it and making the most of the experience whilst you are there. Try to fit in and embrace as much as possible and by finding the time to take photographs, you will hold those joyful memories for years to come.”

In Danny’s next blog, he’ll be telling us about his favourite ways to display holiday snaps once you’re back home…

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