Hands up if your family have got boxes & boxes of old photos tucked away in the loft or a cupboard upstairs?

There’s nothing we like better than an afternoon spent flicking through old photos & remembering when your Dad still had hair, or wore all of those terrible 80’s tracksuits (or was that just our Dad?)

This Father’s Day, we want you to dig out your old photos and give them some love, alongside your new, carefully posed digital photos as well – a great excuse to show how close you still are with your Pa’, or even how much he loves being a Grandad to your own kids!

We’re not short on ideas or products to show you how to do this, so we’re focusing on our ‘Dad’ photo book – if you’ve ever thought about how to create a photo book for Dad, now is the time.


Start creating a photo book for Dad now

What you’ll need:

A selection of photos, old (printed) & new (digital)

A DSLR / point & shoot camera – ideally, but a high-quality smartphone will work too

Access to a computer or laptop (to crop/edit photos)

Step 1:


Take a look through your older photos and organise them into groups – this will help you to ‘tell a story’ throughout your photo book. We chose photos from old – new, but you could group them based on individuals, so favourite photos from each child, or even photos that suit a certain theme, such as holidays or birthdays.

Step 2:

For your older, printed photos, you’ll need to use your scanner or camera (or even smartphone set on highest quality setting), to take a photo…of a photo.

Once you’ve photographed all of your chosen photos, upload these snaps to your computer so you can crop and edit where necessary. We used Photoshop for this, but you can easily use a free tool like Picasa or Pic Monkey to crop and edit your photos.

Top tip: You can check the quality of your photos using the PhotoBox ‘smiley’ indicator – a green or orange face means the photos will print at good or suitable quality, while a red unhappy face means they are likely to be pixelated.


Step 3:

Once you’ve cropped and edited photos, it’s time to get organised – the more organised you can be, the quicker the photo book creation process will be. We started by re-naming our photos in the order we wanted to include them in the photo book – do this with your more recent, digital photos as well.

Sign in to your PhotoBox account, and begin by creating an album where you will put all of your Dad photo book images. You can do this by clicking on ‘My Account’ > ‘My Albums’ > ‘Create a new album’.

Top Tip: Upload all of your photos before you begin creating the photo book, to ensure they are all saved properly.


Start creating a photo book for Dad now

Step 4:

Now it’s time to get creating – you have two choices, to add each photo manually, so you can play around with the layout as you go, or to use the ‘auto fill’ feature and the tweak the layout to your liking.



Top tip: Add in text to remind Dad where certain photos were taken, or what year. If they are anything like our Dad, they won’t remember themselves 🙂 Remember to give your book a double and triple spellcheck before you press order!

You could even leave spaces to hand write messages into the photo book, to give it that extra personal touch.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 15.28.41

If you’re happy with photo book, it’s time to click order! Along with your special present, you can also order gift packaging – one less thing to worry about on the big day.

Edit 5 open book

A ‘Dad’ photo book may not be practical to take to work. Why not show him you care and create a set of personalised photo blocks for his desk? Don’t think that will cover it for the big guy? There are plenty of other thoughtful presents that can be personalised to make a great gift on your dad’s birthday.

Would you create a photo book for the Dad in your life, or have you used old photos of your Dad to create a gift? Let us know in the comments below.