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Now we’re all guilty of finding any excuse for taking a quick couple selfie whatever the occasion, with Valentine’s Day being no exception. But this year, we thought we’d shake things up a little by giving you some tips and tricks to taking couple photographs with a difference (that still contain the aww factor).

1) Before you set the scene, set yourselves

Before you begin, think about what you’re both wearing. We don’t suggest you dress up in matching outfits or anything, but coordinate a little so that you’re not wearing clashing colours or patterns. If one of you wants to dress very formally and one casual – this could end up looking a little odd, so find a happy medium.

2) Get proppy

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BLOG7Using props can really help to lighten the mood and break the ice, and ultimately encourage a more natural reaction. Do you like a certain type of flower? Do you want to include Rolo the dog? Do you support the same football team or share a hobby? Using some small props can help add personality and bring out your relationship’s unique personality.

3) Be creative

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Photos within photos make for a really interesting picture. We love the idea of using traditional prints, or digital photography to create a couple photograph with a twist. Perhaps you can show the progress of your relationship by holding a photo of when you first met, and taking a photo of your relationship today – you could even add in the kids.

4) For the camera-shy

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You don’t always need to take photographs of your teethy smiley faces. Why not take a photo of just your hands, or your shadows embracing, holding hands or having fun.

5) Location, location, location

Think about where you want to take your photos. Natural sunlight, especially at dusk or dawn, can create amazing photos with rich colors and deep shadows. Location will often dictate your pose, for example if you’re near an interesting staircase, try sitting or standing on alternate steps. If you’re inside, think about background colours and textures – if you’re after a shot where you and your partner, your relationship is the main focus, look for a simple background with one primary colour and/or texture.

We’d love to see your couple photos, so post them in the comments below or share your top tips with us. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


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