Autumn photography tips

By Photobox on 29 September 2023

Location, location, location

The crisp air paired with the bright sun in the sky makes for the perfect weather for an afternoon or evening walk. Take advantage of the daylight, bundle up in your favourite hat and scarf and go for a stroll, by yourself or with a loved one. Not only can you use this time for a catch up, but it’s also a chance to snap some a-mazing autumn photography too.

Autumn props to the stage, please

Have a scroll on social media and you’ll see photos of autumn props being used in every way, shape and form, and we love that. Autumn is only three months of the year so make the most of it. Bring out your favourite mugs, cushions, throws and, don’t forget, candles to set the stage for your autumn photos.

Lighting is *everything*

To get the best autumn vibes from your photography, make use of the great, natural lighting that the season brings. We’re talking about, golden hour, of course. The sweet spot just before sunset will make your autumn photos look incredible and *definitely* photo book worthy.

Filters galore

Picking a filter or a photo preset can be tricky but once you know which filters you like the most, you’re set to create beautiful, photo book-worthy snaps. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at Instagram’s own filters, or the apps VSCO and Snapseed, they’re perfect for beginners and have loads of presets to choose from.

On trend for autumn

As we’re into the autumn season, it’s also the season of pumpkin spice; hot drinks, candles, you name it. It’s a staple must-have of the autumnal season and the perfect gateway into having on-trend autumn photos on your social media. Not to mention it tastes a-mazing. Don’t forget the quintessential pumpkin patch photoshoots and you’re well on your way to becoming an autumn photography pro.

Share your autumn snaps

With all these autumn photos on your camera roll, you must be thinking, how many ways can I display these? Social media, of course, but why not turn them into photo gifts for you, your home and your loved ones to celebrate this cosy time of year? Perhaps a photo book full of those autumn walk candids or a print for your home.

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