Top 9 gifts for photographers

Photographers, artists, creatives – a special kind of breed that live among us. They see the world differently, through a lens or a viewfinder – it’s a great gift to be sure, but what about buying them a new gift? Whether it’s a birthday approaching, Christmas round the corner or just a special event you want to mark with a present, here’s our guide for what to get the creative person in your life!

1.     A camera mug

Simple but effective. These porcelain mugs have been designed to look exactly like camera lenses and are sure to be right at home in the kitchen cupboard of a photographer, or else filled up with coffee to fuel them through a creative session. It even comes with a ‘lens cover’ aka. the perfect biscuit holder.

2.     A digital photo frame

Sure, these may seem like the obvious choice, but maybe your snap-happy friend is more about the creative process than enjoying the fruits of their labour. So provide them with an easy solution to proudly displaying their art with a digital photo frame. Most digital photo frames make loading up pictures as easy as slipping in an SD card, but you can also pre-load images via USB, making sure they’re all nicely sized, of course, just in time for the grand unwrapping.

3.     A photo cushion

Every photographer has that one shot they truly love. It may not even be a masterpiece, but a souvenir of an unforgettable time. If framing those prints is a touch too obvious for you or your receiver, and you’d like to aim for a slightly more functional gift, try getting the shot of your choice printed onto a plush cushion. Not only do these showcase the photographer’s talent, they also add a splash of colour and personality to any room – just like the perfect gift should.

4.     SD cards

Alright, these may be horribly functional, but we guarantee any true photo enthusiast will be grateful. An SD card is like a ticket to seeing even more places and capturing ever-greater things with your camera, and a photographer can never have too many.

Combine a few SD cards with a slightly more exciting gift for an overall present that’s just as a fun as it is functional. If it’s Christmas time you’re preparing for, then SD cards will make perfect stocking fillers.

5.     Personalised enamel photo mug

While novelty porcelain mugs may be perfect for the office or studio, a personalised enamel mug is ideal for out in the field. Especially useful for photographers who need to make camp in order to catch that perfect shot, such as wildlife or landscape photographers, an enamel mug is a key piece of equipment to keeping warm, hydrated and even adding a bit of cheer to extended stake outs, waiting for an unmissable shot to arrive.

6.     Disposable camera

Another great stocking filler and a fun novelty/ bit of nostalgia any photographer can enjoy – nothing quite matches the anticipation of having to wait for your prints to discover if your shots were successful or not.

A disposable camera is also a gift that can be made into a yearly ritual! Have your recipient carry it with them all year, see what snaps they collect and develop them in time for their next birthday, or Christmas, and start all over again with a new camera! You might find yourself starting a new family tradition.

7.     Personalised camera strap

Personalised items just aren’t the same unless they’re gifted to you, and a camera strap is ripe for a personal touch. Get it printed with the recipient’s name, a favourite quote or a message from you and enjoy knowing you’ll be part of all their photography adventures from now on!

8.     A punny t-shirt

Photography has some great puns going for it, from “I shoot people” to “I like to flash” get one of them plastered on a t-shirt and let your photographer friend enjoy announcing to the world that they’re not only a passionate camera-wielder, but a fun person too!

9. A personalised phone case

True photo-lovers will always have a camera to hand, and more often than not, that will be their phone, so they’ll want to keep it safe and there’s no harm in keeping it stylish at the same time. A personalised case can feature their best shot, a picture of a great memory you share, or, if you want to be a bit cheeky, just a shot of you, the loving gifter!

Inspired to treat your photographer friend? We’re sure these awesome gifts will leave them smiling from ear to ear!

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