Top 10 best camera bags for travelling photographers

Don’t settle for a generic backpack when it comes to transporting your photography equipment. Treat your gear with pride and invest in a decent camera bag that lets you have a little pouch for everything from your camera to your lenses to a compartment for your good camera strap, and another for a spare! Here’s our list of the 10 best camera bags on the market:

Lowepro Protactic 350 aw camera bag

The most important thing about any camera bag is that it is sturdy enough to keep your equipment protected while being light enough to carry around easily. Surprisingly, it can be difficult to get the balance right. The Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW is the perfect example of these two principles, being big enough to comfortably fit two DSLR cameras and up to six lenses, while the shoulder straps and waist clips mean that it won’t be a strain to carry.

Additionally, you can carry a tripod, a 13-inch laptop for fast uploads, and a number of other accessories. If you’re travelling with a load of gear and need somewhere to put it all, this camera bag is a great option.

Amazon Basic Medium DSLR gadget bag

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, the Amazon Basic DSLR camera bag is a sound investment. Messenger bag style with a single, across the shoulder strap, this bag has space for a standard-size DSLR, two lenses and enough room for a 12-inch laptop. So, if you prefer to travel with a lighter load, and want to ensure comfort and practicality, this is the bag for you. And the best part? It’s probably one of the cheapest bags on the market.

ThinkTank Airport Roller Derby

For the professional photographer who’s always on the move, a set of wheels always helps! This water-resistant, nylon camera bag is perfect, as the name might suggest, for when you’re making your way through a busy airport.

The four wheels roll smoothly along almost any service, and the lightweight, extendable handle makes it easy to pull behind you. The case itself is spacious, with enough room for two DSLRs, seven lenses, accessories and a 15-inch laptop.

Peak Design everyday backpack

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is one of the best looking on the market, attempting to appear more like a traditional backpack than one for purely professional use. Not only does the bag look great, its multiple straps make it easy to carry and the range of individual compartments mean there’s plenty of room for all your equipment.

National Geographic Earth Explorer Camera Holster S

The name may be large, but this camera bag certainly isn’t. Designed to replicate a classic camera bag, it’s a great choice for any photographer that doesn’t need to carry that much equipment. With enough room for a DSLR or mirrorless camera and one or two lenses, the design ensures that it sits comfortably across your body and everything is easily accessible.

Domke F-5XB

Adopting the messenger style, the Domke D-5XB offers a range of compartments for your camera and accessories. The standard size can easily fit a DSLR and up to two lenses, with enough room for a flash gun or small prime lens. If you want a stylish bag that’s comfortable to carry, convenient to store and easy to open in a hurry, then the Domke F-5XB is the perfect choice.

What do you think is the best camera bag on the market? Have you tried any of the ones on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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