Tips for taking group snaps

“Everyone squeeze in!” is the familiar phrase heard whenever you’re taking or being part of a group photograph. Creating a group shot is never as easy as it first seems – though they’re perfect for family photo books – so we have come up with a few pointers to help you attain that perfect group photo. Once you’ve created the perfect collection of images, you can use them to personalise cards for mum’s birthday or as an end-of-school-year photobook gift for college friends.

Zoom in

If your surroundings aren’t that great, then zoom in on your group and just get a head shot. Sometimes these can be a lot more effective, because you have a more intimate photograph with your subjects.


Change perspective

Try standing on a chair (or something similar), which is a really useful vantage point when taking a large group shot. Get them all to look up at the camera as you’re perched up high, ‘say CHEESE’ and there you have a great group photograph.

Top tips for taking great group snaps

Take your photos outside

Once you get outside, your light conditions will be far improved, as long as you are not in direct sunlight! This means you have a greater variety of backdrops and space to work with, which will make your photo taking experience far easier.


Take more than one

The more photographs you take, the more likely you are to grab the perfect shot – and the more you take, the more comfortable the group you’re photographing will become.



Timing definitely is everything when you’re taking a group photograph – in just a second one of your subjects could blink, move or turn their head away. So you need to carefully observe the group, and know exactly when to push that button.


And more importantly… HAVE FUN!

Once you’ve found a great group shot that you’re proud of, bring it to life on a PhotoBox product and wait for the WOW factor at the next group gathering!

Do you have any further tips for creating great group snaps? If you do, please share them with us at the end of this blog piece.

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