How to take photos in the snow

The cold weather might bring with it frozen fingers and frosty windscreens, but it also brings a brilliant opportunity to snap some truly beautiful shots. Whether you’re lucky enough to be hitting the slopes or Jack Frost has finally decided to pay us a visit, here’s our top tips on how to capture the perfect winter shot.

Opt for black & white

Black and white photo of trees

The contrast of bright, white snow and ominous grey skies never looks better than when shot in black and white. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different levels of greyscale – black and white snow pictures look clean and classic rather than dated.

If you’re up in the mountains, maybe snap a shot of the skyline as the sun rises to capture the rays hitting the fresh powder. Or, if you’re out with the kids, catch that snowball fight…before it catches you! Snowballs flying through the air will look even more eye catching in black and white.

Once you’ve captured the perfect shot, you’ll surely want to show it off, and our Timeless Framed Prints are the best way to share your snap. With a classic wooden frame and thick white border, your new photo is sure to have a professional edge.

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A pop of colour

A post box in the snow

While the contrast of white snow against a dark background looks classic and professional, a pop of colour never hurts. Whether it’s a bright pink scarf, dark red winter berries or a glimpse of green poking up through the snow, it’s sure to add a little something to your shot. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about in the snow for colours that catch your eye.

Capture the snow at night

City at night The snow might look beautiful when you first wake up and peek through the curtains, but it looks even more beautiful under the soft evening light. A light flurry in front of the streetlamp, frozen fields under the moon or even the light shining from your own frosted window as you head home all make gorgeous shots. Need a little help? We’ve got some handy tips on taking photos in the dark on the blog.

You can also make the most of shadows as the sun starts to set. Outlines of trees, or of your favourite people, on freshly fallen snow are sure to capture your eye…especially if you transform that snap into a unique piece of Wall Art for your home!

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Get a little help

Having fun in the snow.

You may already be able to adjust the colours and tones of your photo on your phone, but if not, a photo editing app or website, like Canva, can be super useful. Use their range of tools and effects to enhance your photo by increasing the saturation and playing with the brightness and contrast.


Playing in the snow.

Whether you use a photo editing tool, app, or website, you should be able to tweak the exposure of your photo. Enhancing the darker or brighter colours in your snap can really make the contrasting white of the snow pop. For a more dramatic result, try enhancing the sky – this works especially well if stormy snow clouds are brewing!

Have fun!

We think the best snowy snaps are action shots! Whether you’re skating on the ice, sledding down the hill or even just making snow angels, the best way to remember the fun of winter is with photos. Why not turn that glorious snow day into a unique Photo Book to look back on through the year? Our Little Moments Books are perfect for capturing the short, but very very sweet, snowy season!
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