How to take photographs at night

Winter is coming. And with it, the darker evenings, longer nights, and fewer chances to take bright, sunshine-lit photographs. But it’s not all doom and gloom, winter brings with it a reason to celebrate! Whether you’re out and about trick or treating, catching the fireworks on Bonfire Night, or ringing in the New Year, there’s always an excuse to take a great photo. And, luckily for you, we’ve compiled all our best tips on how to get the most beautiful shots in the dark.

Taking spooky snaps

It’s the spookiest night of the year! You and the kids have been planning their costumes for weeks – there’s not a bin bag witch’s cape in sight. But amidst the chaos of free sweets, screaming and spooking, it’s hard to snap a photo you’ll want to treasure. Luckily, we’ve got some tips for how to get a spooky snap you can show off!

Make sure you capture a photo before you head out – before the kids get so excited they can’t stand still and the costumes get crumpled (plus you’ll still have the early evening light!).

Remember to switch the flash on. While darker pictures might look a little scarier, without flash, you won’t be able to see their cheeky faces. We find that there are a few ways to make sure flash works for you. Firstly, try and keep your camera stable – whether that’s with a tripod or simply your hand – as it’ll ensure clearer photos. Try using apps (such as Manual Camera for Android or Slow Shutter Cam for iOS) for long exposure – a slower shutter speed will make sure that your photos are getting the right exposure, making the most of those fireworks. Finally, don’t use the zoom function! It’ll lower resolution and result in a blurry and amateur shot.

And don’t forget, poses and props are your best friends – they’ll make the photos even funnier to look back on in the future.

Once you’ve got all your snaps together, it’s time to get creative with them! We think that spooky snaps look great on Canvas, and if you can’t choose just one photo, Collage Canvas.

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Capturing the sparkle

Whether you’ve gathered round the bonfire or you’re staring up at the sky, this is surely one of the prettiest (and noisiest) nights of the year. And while it’s easy to just snap the sparkles scattering across the sky, there’s a knack to getting that perfect picture. Make sure your fireworks snaps stand out from the crowd with these handy tips…

Make sure your flash is turned off – the fireworks will (hopefully) be far enough away that you won’t need it switched on.

If your phone has HDR (high dynamic range), turn it off. HDR is great when you’re taking non-moving snaps as it takes multiple shots and combines them to get the best one. But when you’re taking pictures of moving objects, like fireworks, HDR can make your photos come out blurry.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! From landscape shots of catherine wheels to candids of the kids in front of the bonfire – there’s sure to be plenty of great photo opportunities.

Once you’ve got those great fireworks snaps, make sure you share them! With unique UV printing, our Acrylic Prints are the perfect way to display them as the colours really pop.

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Making the most of Christmas Markets

It’s the most magical time of the year, and you’ll want to capture every moment of it! From picking out the tree to drinking hot chocolate at the market, there’s definitely lots of cute family moments to treasure.

Make sure you’ve got the flash on when you’re taking snaps so that you capture all the fun and excitement. Forget to turn it on and you’ll have dimly lit photos that aren’t worth sharing.

Aim for Christmas candids. They’re a great way to relive all your festive adventures – they capture the emotion of the moment and tell the story as it happened – and they look great in our Photo Books.

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Ring in the New Year

Now’s the time to use all the photography skills you’ve gathered over the past year (and the ones you’ve read above too!). Whether you’re ringing in the New Year with a fireworks display, having a cosy evening in with all your favourite faces, or dancing the night away with lifelong friends, there’s no limit to photo opportunities.

Using the burst mode on your phone or camera is a great way to capture the night as it happens, with multiple shots of the same moment taken merely seconds apart it almost seems like a stop-motion video. We think these sort of photos make great prints, especially Retro Prints, as you can share them and display them in lots of unique ways.

Or snap up some silly selfies – with the kids or with the girls – they’re sure to make you laugh the next morning and look great as Photo Strips.

If you’re celebrating outside, don’t forget your flash!

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