Challenge yourself to take a photo a day in 2020

New Year’s resolutions are meant…to be dropped in late January. But here’s one you can actually stick to: The 365 Photo Challenge (which in 2020 will actually be a 366 Photo challenge).

What’s behind it? Take a photo every day to find the beauty in all life’s little moments. Then, when you’re looking back at old photos and forgotten moments, you’ll get that sweet, nostalgic feeling…just like when you come across an old snap posted on Instagram, Facebook or, dare I say it, MySpace.

Taking a photo a day might appear daunting at first but you might not be too far from it already. Especially if you have a young child! In this case, chances are you’re already taking at least 20 a day. Doing the challenge doesn’t mean you have to be a professional photographer or go out of your way to find the perfect shot. A blurry shot can actually mean a lot on a busy day. It’s like creating a journal…without taking the time to sit down and write.

What kind of photos should you take? Photo sur magnets

  • Things that you spot on your way to work like a painted door, a broken letterbox, or a meaningful graffiti.
  • Everyday objects like your coffee cup, kitchen utensils or a coat rack.
  • Selfies (of course!)
  • What you eat in a day
  • The newspaper of the day

photo graffiti

You can also give yourself a theme every month: black & white, staircases, portraits of the people around you, unique self-portraits, taken from a car rear-view mirror for example, colour contrast, etc.

What you will have at the end of 2020 is a year of memories, some sweet, some rainy, some random, some lasting, some warm, some wintery. Which is why you should not do this challenge alone – invite your family and friends to start their own daily photo journal!

So, where should you keep all those photos?

Once you’ve taken your photo, you could upload it to social media, or you could create an album titled 2020 on your Photobox account, straight from your phone! That way, you’ll have all your photos saved in one place, and you’ll be able to start creating personalised objects from these memories whenever you want, wherever you want.

What you can do with your photos

Each month, choose the best ones to create the aptly named Retro Prints, then add a caption in our online creation studio or later on with a marker pen – it’s a unique way to reflect on your adventures!

Create Retro Prints

Another great way of remembering the best memories of each month is our Little Moments Photo Book. It’s the perfect format to print photos taken from your phone, and it’s really easy to make on your mobile.

Create a Little Moments Photo Book

You can also create nice little gifts for you or others that only require a couple of pictures, such as Magnets, Coasters or Pouches.


Create Photo Gifts

Once the year is over, you’ll be able to make your very own Year Book! And, if 2019 was brimming with brilliant photos too, you can create an album of the past year right now!

Create a Year Book

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