8 essential camera accessories

Even with all the knowledge and the best camera on the market, without the right accessories, your photos will be far less spectacular than they could be. Thankfully, we’ve stepped in to offer a helping hand. From external equipment to cleaning accessories, PhotoBox has compiled a list of the essential camera accessories that’ll boost your gadget’s performance, helping you get the perfect shot!

1.     Camera bag

The first thing to buy is a camera bag. Not only does it make carrying equipment easier, which is essential for longer shoots, it also protects it from damage en route, ensuring that everything remains intact. And before you ask, no, just chucking your DSLR into a rucksack isn’t the same thing! Camera bags/cases tend to have specific compartments with reinforced padding, specially designed for protection and security.

We advise that you buy bigger from the off. While it may be more expensive, you’ll end up filling it up with accessories in no time!

2.     Tripod

Investing in a good, sturdy tripod is essential for any form of photography, but especially important for landscape, low-light and nighttime shoots.  This is because minimal camera movement produces the best shots in low-light environments. A good tripod should be able to handle at least double the weight of your camera and lens – any less isn’t worth your time. Equally, it should have fully adjustable legs for steady shooting on all terrains.

3.     Remote release

This usually goes hand-in-hand with a tripod, as it’s also essential in taking longer exposure photos. By buying a camera remote – wired or wireless – you can press the shutter button remotely, removing the risk of shaking the camera and ruining the shot. Additionally, they’re a great investment if you’re a fan of family portraits or selfies, as they allow you to take a picture from in front of the camera. More advanced models can be set to take pictures at adjustable intervals, for less human error.

4.     Padded neck strap

DSLRs are heavy, especially once you add accessories. Investing in a comfortable neck strap is a great idea, not only because it gives your arms a rest on a long shoot, but also because it improves stability, making for better shots. While there are a number of cheap options on the market, we advise getting a strap with extra padding, so you can continue to snap without discomfort.

5.     Spare battery

There’s no worse feeling than spending hours composing the perfect shot, just for your camera to die at the crucial moment. If you’re on a long shoot or travelling, an extra battery is an indispensable accessory. By having one in your bag at all times, you can keep shooting for hours.

6.     LCD protector

Nowadays it’s not uncommon for a DSLR to come with a free screen protector for the main camera LCD, which is essential for preventing damage. However, it’s also important to get yourself a screen protector for the rear LCD. This can be a cheaper plastic sheet, similar to those for smartphones, or heavy-duty hard plastic casing – both are equally effective. This is a great investment, securing an important element of your equipment while maintaining the resale value.

7.     Lens and sensor cleaners

Never underestimate the power of keeping your camera equipment clean. It may seem like the least important accessory, but having good cleaning equipment greatly reduces the chances of malfunction. A lens cleaner is definitely recommended, as is a blower, so you can keep grit off the camera’s body. Additionally, sensor cleaners are a smart investment, especially if you shoot a lot outside, as tiny foreign bodies such as pollen often find their way into the camera.

8.     Flashgun

If you’re serious about portrait photography, a flash gun – or external flash – is a great investment. While your DSLR camera will have a built-in flash, it’s not always sufficient for creating dramatic lighting effects that can really make your photos stand out. Whether you buy a mounted automatic flash or a hand-held, manual flash, it’s an essential.

So, what do you think? Is there anything you think needs to be added? Let us know in the comments!

Last modified: 38months ago


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