Inspiring ideas for your Instagram photos

Inspiring ideas for your Instagram photos

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Instagram has grown quickly since it was launched in 2010, from a quirky iOS-only app, to a massive social network with Android and web presence too. Around 200 million people currently love this on-trend, interactive photo-sharing community, so we thought we would provide a few tips on what you can do to celebrate your Instagram photos.

Instagram-friendly layouts
The PhotoBox website offers a range of different layouts that are Instagram-friendly. Using the collage option, you can create a dynamic and interesting mosaic of photos, or you can create your own layouts by adding custom ‘picture frames’.

Smartphone and tablet cases
You can use pre-made templates to insert your Instagram photos onto a case or completely cover, a smartphone or tablet in one prolific image. Using Instagram filters and borders on your photos can really make your case stand out from the crowd. To see our latest range click here.

Square Photo Prints
Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 14.56.27Our 5×5 Square Photo Prints are quick and easy to create and provide a great way to showcase your Instagram images. Stick them in a scrapbook or decorate a wall with them to add some colour and character to your decor.

Colour Bright Mug

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Why not view your Instagram photos while enjoying a nice cup of tea? The Colour Bright photo mug provides several different themes to choose from, including a collage option that provides multiple layouts made up of square templates. These collage templates make it quick and easy to insert your Instagram photography and you can add a bold, bright colour inside your mug to compliment the photography on the outside.

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