20 best Photoshop tutorials for portraits

Every portrait photographer knows that getting the perfect shot is only half the challenge: the other half is editing. To produce professional portraits that can be printed and framed for home, it’s vital that you learn to use retouching software, so any impurities can be removed. We’re here to give you the lowdown on the best retouching tutorials, helping you learn all the tricks to make your photos stand out. From reducing wrinkles to adding tonal effects, we’ve got you covered!

Reducing Wrinkles with The Photoshop Healing Brush

This free, in-depth tutorial by Photoshop Essentials is the go-to for reducing wrinkles. This won’t remove them completely, but it’s a great way of making subjects look more youthful, with clear instructions and photo references; it’s incredibly easy to use.

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Eye colour change tutorial

If you want to add an interesting element to your portraits, learning to retouch or change the eye colour of subjects is a good option. This free and easy tutorial is a great start.

Fin the tutorial here:

Tutvid’s ultimate guide to beauty

Perfecting skin is a fundamental aspect of editing. This free tutorial – available as a blog or video walkthrough – outlines the basics of lighting, layering, dodging, and burning.

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Vintage-look photoshop tutorial

This short, 20-minute guide is perfect if you want to add a vintage haze to your portraits, with each step accompanied by screenshots and precise mouse instructions.

Dramatic portrait effect in photoshop – Portrait photography isn’t just about making the subject look amazing, it’s about creating a tone. This simple walkthrough is perfect for beginners looking to convey more in their work.

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How to apply makeup in post-production

While it’s worthwhile to apply makeup before the shoot, you may still want to do some touching up. That’s where this tutorial comes in handy!

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Removing blemishes with the healing brush

Another tutorial from Photoshop Essentials, this is a great guide for photographers aiming for a flawless, airbrushed effect.

Reducing 5 o’clock shadow and stubble – This in-depth tutorial is a great way of learning how to reduce, and in some cases, completely remove a 5 O’clock shadow from your subject.

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Basic skin retouching and frequency separation

Get the lowdown on basic frequency separation to make your photos pop in Photoshop.

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Tigz rice’s dodge and burn tutorial

Professional photographer Tigz Rice’s in-depth guide explores advanced uses of Photoshop’s burn and dodge tools. You’ll also get the lowdown on curve adjustment for even better results!

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Hdr effect in lightroom and photoshop

If you want to create the High-Dynamic-Range effect in your portrait photographs, this annotated tutorial by Shutter Pulse is a great starting point.

Find the tutorial here:

Photoshop age progression

Editing software isn’t just a tool for hiding age, it can also enhance and fabricate it altogether. This quick tutorial from Exguides will show you how.

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Basic retouch and colourisation

Perfect for beginners, this concise tutorial teaches you the ins and outs of colourisation, helping add vibrancy to dull portraits.

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Creating a porcelain skin effect in photoshop

This step-by-step guide draws on many facets of the Photoshop tool, creating stunning, stylistic shots in the process.

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Colour theory tutorial

This 5-minute tutorial teaches Colour Theory basics and shows how to adjust colours in your portrait with Photoshop’s CC’s Colour Panel/Kuler Panel.

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How to add reflections to sunglasses in photoshop

One of the more niche tutorials, this is a great technique for adding character to your portraits.

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Contrast layers

This in-depth tutorial by Photoshop Tutorials offers a step-by-step guide to adding contrast to your photographs. For high and low contrast, this is a great place to start.

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Teeth whitening in photoshop

Capturing that perfect smile can make or break a portrait, so knowing how to make your subject’s teeth sparkle is a must!

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Easy facial retouch using photoshop

This basic tutorial discusses the essentials of retouching blemishes and imperfections to create the perfect image.

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High-key b&w portrait effect

In 4 simple steps, this tutorial teaches you to add black and white effects to your portraits, helping create different styles and tones in post-production that would really suit a classic retro print.

Find the tutorial here:

Creating portraits in black and white can help to offset the traditional character of simple square prints, giving personal photos greater depth (making square prints look great on display at home). What do you think of these Photoshop tutorials for portraits? Let us know in the comments below!

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