Wedding DIY: How to make a family tree

What could be sweeter than crafting a family tree for your wedding day, made to represent family (and friends ) who can’t be there on the big day. Perfect for festival weddings or outdoor/DIY themes, pay homage to those all-important people. All you need are our new and improved Retro Photo Prints!

Step 1.

Gather all the photos you’d like to put into print. Grandma on her second sherry. Uncle in his best cardigan. Even your bestie that missed her flight home while she’s travelling!

Step 2.

Upload your photos into our creation studio and add their names to the space for text. Our new Retro Photo Prints are crafted with a glossy, premium finish for extra refinement — they’ll go hand-in-hand with the romance of your big day.

Step 3.

Once your Retro Photo Prints arrive, hang them up using pegs and string (we have a hanging kit for extra assistance). There you have it — your family tree.

Last modified: 21months ago


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