A Photo Book to fit every wedding story

Whether you’re the one walking down the aisle, or you’re there to see a loved one tie the knot, you’re in for some once-in-a-lifetime memories – and a whole pile of incredible photos. So why not decide what you’re going to do with those wedding photos now?

Of course, all weddings have to have their official photos – with group shots of the bridal party, close ups of the rings, and that one breathtaking moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time – but there are so many other stories to tell.

There’s the story of the lifelong friends gathering together to see one of their own get married. There’s the story of the elderly grandma no one was sure would be well enough to make it at all – and now she’s here and having the time of her life. And you know she wants the photos to show off to her friends.

There are the warring page boys and flower girls, the friends who somehow only see each other at weddings, and the carefully prepared hairstyles slowly falling apart over the course of the day.

And all those stories are just waiting to be told – in the form of incredible photos.

Wedding photos aren’t just about the bride and groom

If it’s your wedding, chances are you’re already thinking about this. Depending on the agreement you have with your photographer, they may provide a Photo Book as part of your package, or they may simply give you the digital files on a USB drive.

Getting the digital files? Now’s the perfect opportunity to show off your creative flair and design a Photo Book that’s as unique as your wedding. From romantic quotes to inside jokes, you can add your own captions for that extra personal touch. And when it comes to layout – whether you want to start with a sneak peek at the bride getting ready, or jump right into the ceremony itself – when you’re the one creating, you get to set the narrative!

Whether you’re making your main wedding album yourself, or putting together something smaller to share with family and friends, there are lots of options to choose from.

We have plenty of deluxe options for occasions as momentous as a wedding – like the Square Premium Photo Book, which comes with a bumper 90 pages included (and the option to add more), a luxurious padded cover and its own presentation box.

Or the one the professionals choose – the A4 Pro Lay Flat Photo Book, which lets you include panoramic shots, so you’ll be able to fit the entire party in one photo. It comes with 26 super vibrant pages – with the option to add more – and its own presentation box.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more low-key, but still has a timeless feel, the A4 Classic Photo Book comes with a solid colour cover, with a peek-through window that lets you give a preview of what’s inside. Or make that peek-through window a little more romantic, with our special edition Love Book.

Maybe you’re not the one getting married? Maybe you’re there to support your best friend as part of a group of pals that dates back to the deep, dark 90s. Maybe you want to tell the story about five best friends and how they’ve grown from a pint-sized Spice Girls imitation group to a glamorous group of bride and bridesmaids. Go for our best selling A4 Personalised Photo Book with gorgeous glossy paper as standard and lots of ways to customise the book, making it truly reflect your friendship.

Or perhaps you’re the proud mum of the nervous page boy and you want to document your son’s ongoing war with his cummerbund. Try a Little Moments Photo Book, so quick and simple to make you can even do it on your phone after he’s fallen asleep on your lap.

A day so full of people and moments you want to remember, captured by a hundred cameras, a Photo Book keeps it all safe for years. And after all the expense of dresses and shoes and presents and hotel rooms, you can save money on Photo Books by ordering them in advance, using credit.

Buy now, create later

Credit lets you buy the Photo Book you want now – for a hefty discount – and then take up to three months to create it. So you can save now and remember the big day in all its glory later. Pick the Photo Book you want, decide how many pages you’ll need, and nab it in advance at up to 70% off.

Then you can enjoy your time at the wedding – whether it’s yours or someone else’s – happy in the knowledge that the memories are taken care of. You have a lifetime ahead of you to enjoy your beautiful photos of a beautiful day – and all you have left to pay is postage!

Whatever your wedding story, there’s a Photo Book that will suit it, and if you plan ahead, you can save money with credit. Although you’ll have to be quick – credit sales don’t come around often, and when they do, they don’t last long!

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