Pride month is all about celebrating and recognising LGBTQ+ communities. We are proudly supporting MindOut*, an LGBTQ+ Mental Health service based in Brighton and Hove.

MindOut also run an online support live chat that is:

  •  Confidential and non-judgmental 
  • Open most evenings and at weekends
  • A safe space to share how you feel and gain information

If you’re seeking help and support, visit their online support live chat .

MindOut is run by members of LGBTQ+ communities, offering help and support for those with experience of mental health issues. Their goal is to make mental health a community concern and continuously improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ communities. 

They do this by:

  • Listening to, and responding to, LBGTQ+ communities experiences of mental health
  • Offering help and support through positive relationships and professional expertise
  • Preventing isolation, crisis, and suicidal distress within communities
  • Providing safe spaces for people to meet and support each other
  • Campaigning and creating meaningful conversations about LGBTQ+ mental health

Their vision is a world where the mental health of LGBTQ+ communities is a priority, free from stigma and respected and recognised.  MindOut offers a tonne of support and resources, from online support to peer support groups and counseling. 

To find more information on MindOut, check out their website:  or email