ChristmasGift Ideas

Top 10 Secret Santa ideas: the ultimate gift guide for your office

Ditch dull (beers, chocolates, hand cream) or gimmicky presents (does anyone really want a battery-powered head massager?) for your colleagues. For the perfect Secret Santa gift, all you need is one good photo!


Pick a gift below and sit back, knowing that rather than groans – or worse, meh – you’ll make them smile this year.

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Who did you pull from the hat, this year?

(We know, you’ve left this one to the last minute. Don’t worry, most of these gifts are delivered within 3-5 working days.)

1. For the one who’s already in a Santa hat

These wooden ornaments are perfect – as your work’s do is usually mid-December, so they’ll have plenty of time to enjoy their face on their tree.

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2. For the player

Personalised Playing Cards are a great (easy-to-wrap) Secret Santa idea, especially if you put that shot from the company away day on the backs.

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3. For the foodie

Did they ace the bake sale? Do their reheated-leftovers smell amazing? Add a photo to this apron and they can use your gift to prep for Christmas dinner.

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4. For the well groomed

These pouches are handy as wash bags, pencil cases or for makeup – so that’s useful ticked; add a photo and you’re winning!

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5. For the office show off

Shiny ornament starring… them. Funny faces work brilliantly in these Christmas Baubles, so get scrolling through your photos.

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6. For spreadsheet fans

Desk Calendars don’t work as well for Janet-you-nod-hello-to from accounts, as you need 12 photos. But if you’ve got some classics from last year’s Christmas party, you’re onto a winner.

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7. For those who join in the tea round

It’s an easy Secret Santa because as long as you’ve seen your target sip a cuppa, you know they’ll use it. But you can raise your mug above generic gift territory, with a funny photo and caption.

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8. For the office optimist

Snow Globes are likely to come out every year so you can trawl your intranet or use their profile pic, find one of them at their daftest, or choose something sweet (season of goodwill and all that).

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9. For someone you don’t know very well

Encourage them to get creative with their best snaps. You can add a photo too, so they’ll feel more personal than standard vouchers.

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10. For the one who’s always moaning about the air-con

The eternal struggle between the too-hots and the shiverers rages on. But find a great photo (their pet would be awesome), put it on a cushion and at least they’ll be comfier in their swivel chair.

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So there you go, 10 ways to nail Secret Santa from the comfort of your desk. Now there’s just the office party to negotiate. Happy Christmas!