Black Friday

How to boss Black Friday 2020 like a pro

It’s back on the horizon. Black Friday 2020. That one day that, just like Christmas, you promised yourself last year you’d master. But somehow Black Friday always creeps up out of nowhere and it’s a struggle to buy the things you want, let alone gifts for anyone else.

This is your year. We’ve come up with some bargain-busting, sale-swiping tips to get the best Black Friday deals and stay one step ahead of the game. Serious shoppers welcome.

Shop Black Friday Sale

  1. Make a list

A list is an absolute must to get the most out of the Black Friday sales. Whether it’s some special gadgets for yourself or your Christmas list, get it down so that you can make sure nothing is missed on the big day.

  1. Research, research, research

So, you know you want a new TV but the question is which TV? You know your sister wants a bag but what bag would she like best? 

Get browsing on retailer websites, reviews, blogs and make a note of brands, styles and models that you’re interested in. This is one of the most important steps to ace Black Friday sales, and make sure you don’t fall prey to impulse buys and last-minute deals. 

Take a look at the price history of what you’re interested in before the day. What may seem like a good discount on one website may not actually be that much compared to their sale they had a few months ago!

  1. Add to your list

Next to your product or gift list, add which retailers are offering the Black Friday deals you’re interested in. This will help to halve your time on the high street and let you get right where you need to go! 

If you’re a committed online-only shopper then it helps to copy over links and websites, so you don’t need to waste time searching. You can even start adding items to your favourites on each site for extra easy browsing on the day.

  1. Set up accounts

If you’re not keen to shop in-store, make sure you set up your online accounts with the retailers you’re thinking of buying from – ahead of time! Cut the stress of getting to the checkout and discovering you need to add in all your details and snap up that bargain!

  1. Start early

Don’t be fooled…quite a few retailers now start launching their Black Friday deals a week or two early! Start checking for discounts sooner rather than later to make sure you don’t miss out. 

  1. Check your returns policy (and get a receipt!)

Most retailers will cover faulty items as an exchange or refund but not all do. You have more rights as an online shopper, so if you can find what you need online then you should be covered for a 14 days return policy.

Some retailers might offer longer returns policies – like us! If you spot a bump or smudge on your photo gift, we’ll credit you with 110% of what you paid if you get in touch within 21 days. Simple. 

  1. Set an alarm

For the biggest bargains and discounts in the Black Friday sales, you will need to be on your absolute A-game. This means getting up at the crack of dawn to begin the shopping day. 

Whether you are facing the shops head on or logging into your computer for some online-only purchases, make sure you’re the first. Some Black Friday deals will start online at midnight, so make sure you’re ready.

  1. Let Cyber Monday save you

Don’t be too disheartened if you miss out on some pre-Christmas bargains…Cyber Monday is just around the corner. These days Cyber Monday isn’t just about the tech and is actually even bigger for discounts and extensions on ones you missed!