Baby shower favours and gifts

Everybody loves babies, and we’re of the opinion that a new little bundle of joy on the way is a suitable cue for celebrations! Usually, the first chance to celebrate comes at the baby shower. It’s customary to give gifts to everyone who attends the shower, but all too often people leave with clichéd gifts that have been overused for decades.

We’re going to show you how to bring a touch of character to your presents and make your baby shower one to really remember. They’ll be things the guests aren’t necessarily expecting, so, if you want to make the day memorable for them with an awesome personalised gift, read on!

Think DIY

The best kind of gift is one that comes from the heart, one you’ve spent time on, one that is clearly made with love. Much like how your mum’s sandwiches taste better than the ones you can buy in supermarket shops, a handmade gift will be treasured more than anything you can pick up on your local high street.

Things that you can make yourself as a baby shower gift include decorated pouches – presented in a basket (featuring handy items like diapers, bibs and blankets), yo-yo mobiles for baby cribs, handmade baby hair bows, footballs and quiet books. You can find plenty tutorials on how to make all of these online, as well as many more DIY ideas. An added bonus with homemade gifts is the fact that they can be relatively easy on your wallet. All you need to acquire are the materials, the rest is down to you!

Keep the personalisation going with photographs

Photo prints make a lovely gift for a baby shower. Although not necessarily home-made, they can be just as thoughtful. Take some meaningful photos and create a photo canvas print or a collage canvas, both are excellent baby shower favours!

If a large canvas style print isn’t really your style, you can always opt for something smaller and quirkier, like a teddy bear or key ring featuring your chosen photo. These kinds of gifts are always well-received, so get your research face on and start hunting for those lovely photos!


Oh, you thought we’d forgotten? Never! Let’s be honest, everybody loves cake, so even if it’s the only gift you’re giving out, you’ll still be making everyone happy. Some of the baby shower cake ideas out there are quite advanced, probably requiring the helping hand of a professional baker, but there are still loads of ways you can make a cute cake at home.

Blue and pink ‘cake pops’ are possibly the coolest idea we’ve seen so far and are ideal for a baby shower where the gender of the little one has not yet been revealed. Alternatively, you could try a pink vanilla bean cake for a baby girl, or a blue velvet cake for a little man!

Gifts disguised as food

This is a good one, particularly if you are following our advice above and arriving with an actual cake. See if you can trick someone into taking a bite out of a onesie cupcake! You can attempt this with various small pieces of baby clothing, the key is presentation – make sure to swirl the clothing so that it looks like cake frosting. You can also try this with baby socks, as they look quite convincing in their final stage! All you’ll need to make these are cupcake papers, ribbons and your choice of baby attire.

Now, you’re ready to be the gift-master of that baby shower. Got any fun or cute ideas for personalised baby gifts? Sound off in the comment section below!

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