Might as well admit it, we all take selfies now and again. However, not all selfie artists are created equal, some people just have the knack for it. And some don’t. But fret not, all is not lost, because with a few of our selfie tips you too can be a star of the Gram! Want to learn how to take some Kardashian-tier selfies? Maybe you’re just getting started in your selfie adventure? Read on for some of our best selfie photography tips!

Use a Selfie Stick

They catch a lot of flak, but selfie sticks are a pretty awesome invention. The ideal tool for the high-angle selfie, they’re also a great way of showing off your surroundings. So, how can you get the perfect pic from a selfie stick?

  • Make sure that you’re taking the shot in a suitably picturesque location – a high vantage point with a stunning view is absolutely ideal – and get snapping.
  • Don’t make yourself the centre of attention, the whole point is to capture a wide angle, after all.
  • Only use them when they’re the best choice. There’s no point going to trouble of setting up a selfie stick when an arm would do just as good a job.

By using a selfie stick, you can create some Insta-worthy shots that’ll make you the envy of social media starlets everywhere.

The Perfect Selfie Light . . . Go Find It

Yes, there is a perfect selfie light, and it’s ready and waiting for you to get out there and find it! With the right light, you can highlight all the things you want to highlight and play down the bits you’d rather hide. Remember, fluorescent lights are the bad guy and should be avoided at all costs, while the caramel-coloured light just before the sun sets really lays the groundwork for the perfect selfie (of course, a cleverly selected filter can help with this, too!).

Switch Things Up, Selfies Aren’t Just for Faces

Everyone knows the formula for the classic selfie, right? But let’s face it, whether you’re a teenybopper or a glam grandma, the high-angle face shot is a little bit played out. The selfie has evolved; it’s not all about faces anymore. As long as you – or one part of you, at any rate – is in the shot, it’s a selfie. So, why not switch your selfie pose up and show off a few other bits of your body. A “foot selfie” is a great way of showing off your adventurous spirit – as well as those banging creps – while you can really demo your Boho credentials with some barefoot snaps.

Use Filters Selectively

Filters are an awesome tool for every budding selfie artist, but they’re best used in moderation. The key to a good selfie, as far as we’re concerned, is authenticity. You want the shot to be an authentic representation of who you are, and coincidentally, you want it to show you off at your very best! For that coveted au naturel look, you should be using filters to accentuate your best features. Freshen up your skin or wipe away those pesky circles under your eyes with a few quick clicks, you deserve it! There are loads of apps available on the market, so just download a few and see which ones you like the best.

Work Those Angles

For a successful selfie, working your angles is imperative. Chin down and camera up (as demonstrated by the monkey, above) is a surefire path to selfie stardom, while a high-angle shot from above is tried, tested and true. Remember, the pose is just as important as the rest of the shot. A slight head tilt is a fantastic selfie strategy, while the classic duck face can be great (when used sparingly!). Once you’ve found a selfie you really like, why not print it out. You could even take things to the next level by printing it in a retro style – it’s the perfect accessories for a bit of wall decoration!

Once you’ve mastered the art of the selfie, it’s time to have some fun! Start snapping and capture your best side, time and time again!