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Gifts you can make on your phone in time for Christmas

Don’t panic.

You’ve still plenty of time to whip out some excellent presents. Even better, you can make all these gifts on your mobile – making it feel like less of a chore.

Easy to do on your phone

  1. All your photos are there, so it’s a quick scroll to find the right one.
  2. Edit the photo if you need to, until it’s in exactly the right place.
  3. Add any text (double click and the text box expands so you can see what you’re writing). Done.

You only need one good photo

You can add more and create a collage on your Desk Canvas but one image is strong and speedy.

Last order date for Lite Desk Canvas: 19th December Standard, 20th December Express

Create Desk Canvas

Sure-fire hit

Our Photo Blocks are so popular that if you’re racking your brain for a perfect gift, we recommend this as a safe bet. Grab a favourite photo from their Facebook page, upload and you’re done.

Last order date: 19th December Standard, 20th December Tracked

Create Photo Block

Feels thoughtful (looks like you’ve spent ages)

A lovely photo and sweet message on our Personalised Pouches ticks useful and cherished. But it’s ultra quick. Giving you more time to prepare for Christmas.

Last order date: 15th December Standard, 16th December Tracked, 17th December 1pm Special

Create Personalised Pouch

You’ve still got time

Yes, it’s a little Challenge Anneka but you’ve still a good few days until the last order dates. Buy an iPhone X or XS case before 19th December and you won’t even need to pay for express delivery.

Last order date: 19th December Standard, 20th December Tracked

Create Phone Case

Save and finish later

So you can probably make a 500 or 1000 piece Photo Jigsaw while waiting for the kids to get their school shoes on. But if by a Christmas miracle they get a wiggle on this morning, just click on the disk icon and finish off later.

Last order date: 16th December

Create Photo Jigsaw

They’re on sale!

Money can’t buy you love, but it can get you better presents. These are a bargain right now.

When you don’t have access to the perfect photo

You know there’s an amazing photo on someone else’s phone, but if you ask you’ll spoil the surprise. So why not put a nearly-as-good photo on one of our new gift cards and let them make their own gift?

Last order date: 20th December for photo Gift Cards, or receive it immediately by email for eGift Cards

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