The art of giving art (and how to avoid the pitfalls)

Our guide helps you cheat. Ask yourself a couple of questions about their home or the holidays they love best and we’ll help you to pick the perfect picture.

Buying art for your friends and family is so tricky that most of us dodge it. But if you get it right, it’s one of the best gifts there is. Choose a picture from the Artist Collection and you pick the size and style you want – it’s really easy.

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First, imagine their perfect holiday…

Bustling city break?

Metropolis II by David Studwell

Houses of Amsterdam by Antonia Myatt

Stretching out on white sands?

Beach Bums by Tilly Willis

Kenneggy, Cornwall by Lucy Willis

Off the beaten track?

North African Townscape by Robert Tyndall

Sunset over Jama Masjid by Andrew Gifford

Packed with exotic creatures?

Flamenco Flamingo by Jane Peart

Exotic by Lucy Banaji

Now, think about their home

Can you imagine where it might hang? Do they have loads of art up already or a few key pieces? Smaller is safer and gives them more options but if you want real drama and you’re confident in your choice, always go large.

Minimalist chic?

Construction by László Moholy-Nagy

Folding Nude Midnight by Angie Kenber

On-trend cactuses?

Cacti Pattern by Jacqueline Colley

Cactus Love by Lucy Banaji

Colour blocking?

Seascape, Sunset by Izabella Godlewska

Composition by Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova

Classic elegance?

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Finally, a Canvas, Poster or Framed Print?

The great thing about a beautiful Framed Print is, it’s complete, you’re not giving them a job in the new year.

Would that classic black frame fit their home perfectly, or would you be safer buying a Poster and letting them frame it themselves?

A Canvas feels arty, it’s got a nice wrappable shape and it’s good to go on the wall straight away.

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