My memory® Game for family tree storytime

I’ve recently been thinking about the importance of family and family history. Talking to the new little people in the family about older relatives, the original building blocks of who we have become. Touching on our traditional family values, wonderful memories and inspirational role models.

It feels like only yesterday that I was in my Nan’s back garden; picking mint, feeding the birds, planting runner beans and exploring Gramp’s wood workshop. But it’s now three decades on, and a year since my Nan Dix passed away – where my final memory of her was Nan gently waving goodbye to my little nephew Henry.

Since then, I have been looking at photos of my Nan, young and old, reminiscing about my personal childhood stories – and now I feel it’s a perfect time to share those fun-filled adventures with Henry.

My family: turning a family tree into a game for kids

With the arrival of the new personalised memory® Game by Ravensburger at Photobox (perfect for little ones over 3 years and above), it felt the right opportunity to create both a snap-happy fun game for the whole family and a functional tool to stimulate conversation about Nan Dix and the rest of our family tree. Henry also has so much fun playing games in the lounge, on the large rug, that a flexible gameplay gift – table-top or non-table-top – seemed the best place to start.

I decided to create a 24 piece memory® Game, with the hope I would continue to build out the card collection with the larger 72 card game if Henry loved it! I was pleased to create a beautiful, memory-filled family game that’s playful, emotional and nostalgic.

I focused on my side of the family tree, as I had high quality photos to hand. I prepared the photos for upload to my Photobox photo album either by scanning old physical prints, or downloading from my iPhone.

It was very funny seeing lots of the family’s heads scattered over the floor – and to see Henry’s face light up when he found Daddy, Nanny or Auntie Stace. There was a moment where Henry studied Great Nan’s photo – clearly recognising a friendly face.

Create memory® Game

A few helpful creation tips

  • Check each family member’s face is about 60-75% of the square aperture in the creation studio. This is so that when it’s printed, the person’s features are large enough and recognisable, like a passport – only more fun!
  • If you run out of cards, introduce multiple family members on one card by using couple photos – or, opt in to the larger 72 piece memory® Game.
  • Keep this all light-hearted by having a funny “favourite toy” card to inject a little humour and familiarity to the game when that particular one is spotted.

What really worked

  • The small, sturdy, thick cards fit perfectly in Henry’s hands, and worked well on the carpet as well as the oak dining table’s smooth surface.
  • The white border on each card gave a retro feel to the photos that we were playing with. From a grown-up’s perspective, the retro aesthetic definitely added to the occasion of talking through who everyone was. Check your photo goes completely to the edge to create this effect, so all borders are of equal size.
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