Gifts for the gadget geek in your life

You know who we mean…the one who’s got an app for everything, who always has a new phone, and who’s always in the know with the latest tech releases. Whether you’re treating a loved one to a big (expensive), techie present or simply looking for a thoughtful gift for a gadget lover, we’ve got some brilliant suggestions to help you make that Christmas morning surprise even more special.

A few ideas to mix and match:

Phone Cases for parents

All you need is one cute photo of their kids for this unique creation. You probably have loads of great pics to choose from – either your own, or check their Facebook. Combine unputdownable tech with their favourite tiny person and you’ve nailed it.

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iPad Cases for travellers

Have a quick scroll through their Instagram feed for holiday photos. Whether you pick a collage template that’ll show off their whole trip or just pick a favourite and make that the star, it’s sure to be a gift they treasure. 

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Tablet Pouches for Pet owners

Even easier. Even if you don’t have a shot and, inexplicably, can’t find any on their social feeds, just ask for a photo. They won’t think it’s suspicious – who wouldn’t want a picture of Mr Tiddles?

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Mouse Mat for laptop lovers

Perfect for anyone who’s never seen without their laptop! This unique desktop accessory is sure to convince them to part ways with their trackpad and give their fingertips a break.

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