‘A photo can say a thousand words’ by Emily Williams

There are many wonderful things that are gained once you have children, but one of the best is always having the medium for a perfect Christmas present to your nan! 

They always say it…

“I’d just love a framed photo of my grandchildren.”

But they mean it! It is so precious for them. My grandmother (my daughter’s GREAT grandmother) lives 5 hours away and is 87, which means she hasn’t been able to spend as much time with her great grandchildren as she would have loved. The first year of our daughters life has flown by, and she has changed so much. My nan has missed a lot over the last year and so this Christmas I wanted to go one better and not just frame a photo but create a hardback book of all our favourite photos over the year. 

Make this book This A3 Photo Book is so beautiful and the quality of the photos (even though they are just taken on my phone) are amazing! It will sit beautifully on her coffee table and she will take such delight in showing all of her pals when they come over for tea and biscuits and talk about their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It’s so important to share experiences with people that are unable experience it for themselves and there is no better way than through photographs. 

As I saw the book which arrived in the post I wanted to order another 4 exactly the same for other family members and for myself! It is honestly SO beautiful and a perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.


About Emily 

Emily is a personal trainer and Instagrammer, she’s qualified in pre and post-natal fitness. And mum to 16 month old Winter.

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