10 quick and easy photo gifts for all your family and friends

This may seem a little early but trust us, you can never start Christmas shopping too soon. Avoid that last-minute, high-street dash on Christmas Eve by kicking back on your sofa, having a scroll through your phone and picking your favourite photo from this past year.

Here’s our guide of some of our favourite Christmas photo gifts that’ll help you tick your list with thoughtful presents and achieve that smug glow early.

Perfect for: your in-laws

Photo Blocks

Add a picture of their grandchildren and it’s a cooler present than a standard (but much loved) framed print. They can put it anywhere and move it around, so it’s less of a commitment than hanging a Canvas.Shop Photo Blocks

Perfect for: your side of the family

Simple Canvas

Someone who you know will love that photo – and has somewhere to hang it. A guaranteed mum-pleaser. Or get a shot of all the cousins together, for your sister. Smiles all round. Shop Canvas

Perfect for: your glamorous aunt

Personalised Pouches

Give her a place to store her smellies with a picture of your kids (or her kids. Or even her cat) on it. A far better present than a bottle of perfume. Although if you’re feeling super-generous, you could stash that inside too. Shop Pouches

Perfect for: the new arrival

My First Photo Book

You get so much stuff with a newborn. Piles of it. So instead of another Sophie the Giraffe, make them a little book of all the people who love them (luckily, it’s 16 wipeable pages are pretty chew-proof with nice rounded corners). Shop My First Photo Book

Perfect for: Dad

Personalised Tins

He’s not a fan of clutter? Ace his present by putting a photo of your kids on one of our new tins. Then Dad’s got a happy place to stash those ancient nails and gromits he won’t bin (or just fill it with his favourite wrapped sweets). Shop Tins

Perfect for: nieces & nephews

Phone Case

You’ll be lucky if you see more than the tops of their heads this festive season. But get them a Phone Case with their best selfie on it and you might get them to look away from the screen for a second to give you a thank-you hug. Shop Phone Cases

Perfect for: family you see less than you’d like

Little Moments Photo Book

Even quicker to make than other Photo Books, all you need are 25 photos. Turn your last get together (a little adventure, day trip or weekend away) into something they can hold. 

Shop Little Moments Photo Book

Perfect for: the family foodie

Personalised Aprons

Who’s helping out with Christmas dinner this year? Whoever it is, they’ve earned this little extra pressie. And if you’ve a shot of them in the kitchen or the family tucking into their efforts, even better. Shop Aprons

Perfect for: the busy executive

Wooden Desk Print

Every family has one – sneaking off between courses to fire off vital emails. How about this Scandi-inspired gift? Natural wood grain shows through your photo, for a reminder of what’s important while they’re working overtime. Shop Wooden Desk Prints

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