Get the perfect phone case for your new smartphone

Santa’s been generous and given you a brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Whatever your new smartphone is, we’ve got it covered (literally).

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Protect your precious tech

Our smartphones are so important, we carry them everywhere, we use them to stay connected to our loved ones and to store thousands of photos. They are precious. That’s why you need a phone case that not only looks great but is also strong and sturdy.

When creating your personalised Phone Case, you will see that we offer Standard Cases (lightweight and scratch-resistant) or, for some phones, Tough Cases (in shatterproof plastic with cushioning plastic inside).

Add your photo(s)

Start by selecting the album you want or, if you don’t have any album yet, start by uploading your photos.

Then, pick a layout. You can chose to have one big photo on your phone case, or go for a collage with up to 32 pictures!

Once you’ve got your album and the perfect layout, simply click on the photo(s) you want to add them to the phone case. You can easily move your photos around, just click and drop them in the spot you want. To edit a picture, just click on the photo, click on “Edit”. You’ll then be able to zoom in, crop and rotate your photo.

Play with colours

If you go for a layout option where the phone case is not entirely covered by your photo(s), you might want to pick a background colour. Ocean blue, sunshine yellow, fiery red… Select your favourite! Or choose a background from our selection of brand new designs. Pop or modern, romantic, even girly… Whatever your style is, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Quick tip: add your pictures(s) first, then try different colours and background designs to see which one will work the best with your photo(s).

In your own words

Some layouts come with one or more text boxes, so you can add words to your pictures. Click on the “T” to add your message. You can change the font, its size and colour, and how you want the text to be aligned. Once you’re happy, click on “Apply” or, if you’ve changed your mind, get out of the zoomed text box by clicking on the cross in the upper left corner.

Looking for ideas? Why not add your favourite quote or mantra to make you smile day after day and keep yourself motivated?

For a great finish…

For some models you get one more step before checkout where you can choose between a matte or a glossy finish. Our default finish for phone cases is glossy, but you can opt for a matte finish (for a little extra).

And that’s it!

The good news is, even if you keep your new smartphone for a while, you can change its case as often as you want. So remember to come back and create a new case for every season!

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