World Book Day: part 2

Today is World Book Day and we’re feeling very ‘booky’ indeed. To celebrate, we’ve put together our top five tips on creating your very own photo book story.

1. Choose your book


There are a variety of books to choose from to tell your story, and your choice should be based upon your motive for creating it. The Photo Journal or A4 Personalised books provide a great way to create a quick and easy overview of trips away or to display craft projects and hobbies. The A3 Layflat or Personalised books provide the perfect pallet to display professional, high-res photographs from events such as a fairy-tale wedding or family photo shoot, while the Soft Baby Book is great for your child to learn the story of family.

2. Decide on a theme


The most professional looking photo books have a consistent theme running throughout. PhotoBox can offer hundreds of different themes, so you can style your book to compliment the story being told. For example, to document a city trip or beach break, there is a ‘travel’ theme, containing subtle and delicate images and references to travelling – such as maps, stamps and animals. To create your very own love story, our A4 Love Book is full of ready-made love quotes and backgrounds containing hearts and love motifs. Other available themes include: Book for Mum, Book for Dad, Kids Birthday, Nature, Classical Wedding, Exotic Flowers, Modern, Baby Fun and Yearbook.

3. Be Selective

Optimized-standard-messymixYou probably took over 500 photos on your last holiday, or have a collection of 1000 wedding photos. Try and make a shortlist before uploading your photos to create your book, that way it will be a much easier process to decide on the storyboard and layout of images.

4. The narrative


Once you have created your shortlist of photos, you will need to think about how you want to tell your story. Grouping images together in categories helps the progress of a story and makes for a more interesting read. If it’s a holiday you’re revealing through pictures, why not order the photos in a time sequence – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc., or group together activities, such as ‘Day Trips’, ‘ Cultural Cuisine’ and ‘New Friends’.

5. Support the focus


Establish a theme and try using one large strong image, accompanied with some smaller supporting images of the same subject.

What steps do you follow when creating your own Photobook? We’d love to hear about them below.

Win a Photobook on Facebook

As we mentioned yesterday, World Book Day is a celebration of stories, and often children and parents will dress up as their favourite storybook characters. To get involved in our competition to win a Photobook, Kindle and other goodies, visit our Facebook page and upload a picture of you or a loved one in fancy dress.

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